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You're listening to it's dan patrick on demand thank you this is fire fighter raphael pori at reminding you that every day portion of every firehouse subs purchase goes for helping first responders try the new me ruben loaded with hot pastrami sweet and tangy slaw melted swiss or limited time get a medium pastrami ruben for just six thirty nine firehouse subs joy more subs save more lives limiting for participating locations firehouse subs will donate a minimum of one million dollars two thousand eighteen firehouse subs public safety foundation by donating point one percent of every purchase broadcasting from the mercedes g men k flowers here's dan patrick final hour on this thursday dan in the dench dan patrick show zilan ibrahima bitch of the galaxy will join us coming up how am i doing on the prince there is latin jazz latin what am i saying i think he got it is a little pause but it's more it's more two syllables than three i think you're going a lot on zoloft on july ten is latin salata not launch tongue he'll say his own name for you i guarantee it okay he'll go third person on me yes okay i ain't by the way it was on this date what year was this that michael jordan put up sixty three points in a double overtime loss was that nineteen eighty six so april twentieth nineteen eighty six and that's when larry bird said to the boston globe i would never have called him the greatest player i'd ever seen if i didn't mean it it's just god disguised as michael jordan.

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