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And thank you hammer and I want to say it again thank you to all of the folks who joined us here on the air every Saturday and Sunday morning and I know you have to wait some time on the air on the telephone on hold I don't like it I really don't I'm very conscientious of the but I go back when I was when I first started here some twenty five years ago my goodness we used to do six to eight hours every weekend solid and the lines were always lit up as they are today and I have to do this thank you for the big welcome I get for every time I come down here to the Fisher building and do this radio program I enjoy you very much I'm very happy to be here and I was quoted in a newspaper story recently I'm not leaving this time unless it's in a wooden box so this morning Linda enjoyed joins us this morning good morning Linda thanks for calling morning Joe how are you today I'm not a hundred percent so that's great I'm about ninety eight right now good for you until I have a problem with my Maytag dryer but I'm part of the washer yeah it's twenty years old and it's starting to like rattle with unbalanced load so all the time yeah well pretty much all the time like maybe ninety percent of the time no matter how small the world is or how large it is it's just after a while during the rinse cycle it starts to like Jake and then when its spinning this it's been a shake when its spinning yes all right now listen closely because what I have to tell you is very important to your pocketbook hello okay that washing machine is what they call it to belt Maytag washer it was the best washer ever made so you were very smart in buying that washer well thank you now that washer has the average life of fifty four years you're not there yet but during that period like yours right now that washing machine needs a technician whether it be your husband boyfriend year if it needs a technician and per fairly somebody who knows what they're doing and there are a lot of service companies who know that machine inside out because it's quite a simple machine but my thoughts right now from what you're telling me is you need to new belts add a roller kept on the motor assembly those are the three things for the maintenance factor to keep dad washer going another twenty years all thank you now I don't know if you know a good service company but there are a lot there are good service companies out there it's still today old there's a few bad ones that I'm not too happy with we'll talk about those as the months roll on but I get a hold of somebody who works on the Maytag product asked when you call if they can fix a Maytag was to build a washing machine and have them come out or your husband can do this you can go on the internet and find out how and what you have to do to do this it's a an hour job for him to do fantastic job thank you so very much I thank you so much for calling and it's a great call on a great product thank you thank you have a great day you too thanks I do believe we're gonna Bob in Hartland good morning Bob thanks for calling in how may we help you this morning yeah good morning Jill money I'm I mean if you're interested in in in what your opinion is on consumer energy or DTE energy their plans that they have you know I have to tell you that DTE first of all consumers energy hired me here with a hunting on getting sold a carrier when it was got had to be ten years ago and I believe I was on the pay roll for them for like a five four or five year period and then then I got disturbed by all the money they were paying me because I wasn't doing anything so I quit then D. T. E. hired to be and for a year or two years to do the same thing I was a spokesperson for them in regards to the energy plans they have for consumers now gold back forty years I am the guy who sat down with bold consumers energy and D. T. and worked out that plan for them now it's much different than what it was back then now I'm playing eagle game here but I was very involved and that's why I ended up I was doing the applied doctor show and all that stuff but that's why I ended up working for them now to this day I still believe and I know there are people who say well I'm I yeah look at all the cost all this much money and so forth look at you have a furnace motor change and it's a six hundred dollar bill easy in your furnace things can be very expensive so the money you involved in these plans which is not all that much when you he gets start opening a coffee can and just pouring money in there every month every week or every day but their plan takes care of you with qualified people I might add they're all screen they watch every service call let's done they make sure the service industry takes care of you and an ethical fashion well I am still a big believer in those plans through our utilities and I feel we're very fortunate in Michigan that have that because it's not spread across the country great so I just thought I'd pass that on I know there are some people will complain about it that that's normal okay but it we have it and we're fortunate to have it and in my way of thinking it's a big money saving thing especially for the elderly who don't are not capable of doing changing the blower motor on the furs and doing some of those states but those people do a terrific job well I'm one of the elderly Joe and I sure appreciate your opinion on this thank you on the thanks for thank you for allowing me to both stiff it want to call it that okay very nice of you thank you sure take care Mary Ann joins us this morning from Auburn hills good morning Mary good morning it's very nice to get on I tried to get on yesterday you did have someone on anyway I have I have a Westinghouse freezer that I've had since nineteen fifty two who and I'm sitting next to it and it and it does make a lot of nice it just went off just as we came on so I can't I can't tell you what it sounds like but it makes a lot of nice heaven defrosted it in a long time what should I do about it to keep it I it's still going after all the six sixty eight years I got a forty two so cool refrigerator in my basement and a fifty two G. at the cottage our work like a champ and the amount of the energy well let's put it this way if you had a new freezer at a cost you fifteen dollars a month operator on the let's say the average that one you have is probably cost you need three dollars a month which lasts I willingly so much the last it's on first of all the metal is much thicker there's more insulation in there it weighs a ton compared to the new products today but it's made with old fashioned American quality you're fortunate enough to have that now I'll ask you about the noise okay does it make a rumble sound are a banging sound when it shuts off the boo boo boo boo no it's a more of a rumble I I that that that that kind of yeah yeah okay you see the compressor in the back underneath it's mounted on these rubber mulch just like a car motor is mounted in an engine is mounted in the frame of the cards got a rubber mounts to cushion the Noyce those rubber mounts lose their contents consistency this self can they they replace or what well you sure they can be returned must they must they be I don't you know when I used to do what I always had a chunk of car tire in my little tool box I just take that and I Graham and underneath the compressor and I don't know if I can I mean I I I will be able to reach it is used in a corner you sent somebody to help you but okay just one way I know of to get rid of the excessive noise ana refrigerator product well okay I don't really care about that I was just telling you about the noise I don't really care about it it's down the basement in a corner and it doesn't matter I just wanted to explain it to you that's very nice of you to call me with that question or comment is or anything that that I should be doing else what about the frosting how I haven't done that in a long time well a long time is what a couple years yeah IRA that's too long this frost is too thick yes said hugging shelves okay yes and so now you're not getting the cold to the food because the frost is too thick and that makes it work harder at that age the compressor hotter and that makes it louder all leading to that does defrost that they open the door put a fan in sub somebody just send me a nice email and I said look at even the frosted you can put a bucket of hot boiling water on the shelf it take a hair dryer this sudden those ladies and why did you just put a fan on a chair in front of it and let air circulate in there the important thing is when you're to frosting of treated like that you should wait until it's completely dry inside take a tall white but completely dry then take a fan hair dryer and make sure it's completely dry before you plug it back in meanwhile you take the food out you put it in a box but a blanket over the box now with the cold temperature it is here you won't have any problems okay so no big worry on that none okay and I will have many hours total is this thing of all take do you think take the what to do the whole thing in our.

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