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Bowl thirty six patriots a big underdog twenty to seventeen on the leg of adam vinet terry over the ramps two years later the janet jackson game i will call it they go beat the carolina panthers 32 twenty nine again then terry late heroics those are two 3point wins the next year they go for the three p3 in four years 'area will this will be the rematch of that the patriots beat eagles 24 twenty one another three point victory in a tight game super bowl 42 ten years ago saturday night the giants knock off the patriots by three point seventeen fourteen then the patriots get back it's a couple of years off we'll downswing for them super bowl 46 giants win that gave twenty one seventeen you see what i'm getting at here close game close game close game giants take care among those two and now the last couple for the patriots the not handing the ball off at the one game the seattle seahawks 24 is the victory so and the last year the first ever super bowl overtime game 34 28 that's a six point win for the pats their largest margin of either victory or lost in any super bowl in the bell a cheque brady era what does this mean it means that the patriots have no problem when the pressures tight end it's close because of their quarterback and their head coach both hall of famers both probably the greatest ever do it and it means in less your blowing the patriots out which track record and history says won't happen it's going to take a special moment a special play a special series for the philadelphia eagles on sunday night to really pull off the impossible a special moment like we saw ten years ago tonight and fake under pressure aboard who are ready to fight out of it points out that they'll pull the field wide open good morning we receivers roy slow medical integral takes us now looks well dogg with thirty seconds three gave a lead why not as it turns out that away he'll patriots g team gets again another great tom brady and the john through the most anywhere in recent memory cut one super bowl 42 bob poppa dick lynch and coral banks on giants radio ten years ago tonight what does that mean it needs what can nick falls in the eagle offense deliver.

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