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Lose more than they win yeah. Do you guys remember the n._b._a. Finals this year you guys remember it but hey you know i'm asking a real question but as watch it. I'm just please don't ruin it for me. You've got it t._v. It on my v._c._r. Tapes were harder of the games james and do you think do you think the warriors will ever win again. Exactly that's my goddamn point point. Sometimes you gotta let a canadian team have a little fun. All those faked injuries. You guys are nice because nice a team. That was cool to do that a big surprise there. Everyone really loves basketball. Is there anything else we wanna macedo shannon shannon. I just want to also say that never forget that when people win literally all the time they fuck and cry when they stopped winning joining one time jesus christ. I didn't know the team was here tonight. What if steph curry was like over there and he was like yeah. It's tough. Sometimes you win right steph. You get enough attention. This is our podcast i don't i know that i have any other advice for shannon. Keep going. I hope she writes his back and let us know when she passes. Look you take it. You see what happens but don't my only advice is don't define yourself by this. God damn bar exam. I think greer over there can tell you you take it. You pass it buck in your lawyer. You start fucking shit up. We didn't even ask her what kind of the end of the letters u. p. s. I think o._j.'s innocent. We're like okay all right right and what the fuck i'm thirty eight. Why was that hard not even that yeah sheehan good good luck. I think what you gotta stop saying and i know you said in this letter and i don't. I don't treat this lightly at all. You said you have really early. Batting's -iety and depression and you're working with the doctor. You have medication. I don't take any of that lightly but i do think just in how oh you treat yourself and what you think of yourself. That's that's the start of a lot of things. It's not a cure. It might not change anything but i think calling yourself. That was weird fired. If what if someone fired at that loud they just didn't care. Would you respect that or would you be like jesus christ. I it'll be like fuck. Who is that person that just lives their life farting that loudly. I think you gotta you gotta. Stop calling yourself idiot and you have to stop up calling yourself a failure. You took a fucking bar exam. That's crazy yeah. It's crazy to get that far and you'll get it'll it'll happen does don't give up. That's all i can tell oh and fucking watch stand by me and also clear eyes. Full hearts can't live. That's not stand by to me. That's in stand by me beginning by me. I give back and watch dan by me and tell me that's not on the diner in the first line. Somebody wooed is maybe that's a real hell yeah. It's i've seen it so yeah to interact anyways shannon. Thank you for this letter. Thank you for opening up. That's not easy to do but treat yourself better. Give yourself better. Titles like buck in future lawyer agreed sincerely daniel van kirk and rory scoville san average cisco. We had fun. I don't know if you gave that mike back but if not fucking keep it have at the time of your life. I hope you guys try out. The pen pal thing i. I don't know if that's gonna happen. That'd be kinda crazy if they look out believing shit. I don't believe in booking. I don't know where that email would go but yeah we we appreciate you guys being here and thanks so much. Thank you <music> and maybe keep it. It wasn't so <music> aw starving starving on a podcast network..

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