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Yeah, the two boys, I'm off on the tunes in the end and all, but I'm here for you. I think Lurch got me a little bit off track. I was surprised to hear from lurch this morning. Okay? We have John Drummond is in first place with five Nancy Huggins, a second with four and Vince and Eric are tied and battling for the For the leaf to and there's gonna be a big price for the Tell you. The price is good. We something all right, So here's the items. First item. Hank Aaron 1954 taps rookie card number 1 28 created PSA 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 that got a 3.5 years. You That's a pretty nice looking card, but it has some Some flies that are fairly noticeable in it. Next item. Lou Gehrig. We talked about him earlier in the show in 1933. Gowdy card number 92 grated PSA. One Hearsay ones can look like they went through the machine some time or they just have, you know, a couple of big creases or something like that in them, But it's authentic, and it gets a grade. So you know, it's it's the lowest grade. On the scale of 1 to 13th item. Barry Bonds. We had some power hitters in in this year in this batch. Barry Bonds 1991 92 game used Louisville Slugger bat say game used 9.5. So that's a pretty good grade for the Barry Bonds bad and then their last slugger Ted Williams. 1954 Wilson Frank's card Grated three on a scale of 1 to 10. So this is a tough one this week. We're gonna let Vince go first, this first.

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