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It's quite. It's historical connection and excellent new south. Wales a long time ago but account content. I the i will be keeping a much closer wales than our will the other home nations these heroes and and i think they've been overlooked in terms of qualifying from the group. A look there form coming into this tournament. Three defeats eighteen for whales. Run around from france the other night but the other two sides they lost to england and belgium and i think if tournament experience after that run to the semi finals and twenty six kgo eight survivors still in the squad. That will stand them in good stead. Because they've got some youngsters who've come in and boosted the team when david brooks harry wilson dan james out to name a few and i just think that they're being massively overlook to qualify. Now james has got a very different opinion on this but some i think they could make a run to the knockout stages whether they five six to qualify and five to six not to qualify james. Which we've those. Ju backing i've got. Well i would say not to qualify. But i would actually go fair. This is not to go against christians for the sake of it. Golfway baltimore just think it's a very hard when you look at it. I mean italy there in some form. Come into this told him. And the job rebels. Mancini's done is incredible. Switzerland to generally dissident told him major told him tens of getting out the groups and then tikki who i think will be desperate to try and quit in a good before when i just look at wales and the look. They're squad him for me. There's still such an over reliance on gareth bale and our in romsey but this is our who was out so many injury pulled him still et And also bail. He has his injury issues as well as fitness problems on. No we came good for spurs at the end of the campaign. Really be able to stay his fitness over inside. Solan went over. How far they can go in. I'm not to show. And then if you take those two plays out haley's filling in title roberts who is yet to score international level capable as a big glob but i'm not sure when you go up against it with batons national sides Locker room. I just think there's a little bit too much pressure. Maybe some of the young plays is quite young squad when you look at it. That's good place in that. But whether they're required level. I think this is a whale score. Maybe four years tying those younger plays in that will be better for the experience. But of course am belan. Ramzi probably won't be that for me. I just call it. Look plus wales finishing of the group. I think they're were good price for him. F stop sorry for that. Chris i think the switch i think the swiss point is interesting because they've only one four one twice in four appearances at the euros. Obviously whales have got the double that number from one appearance of the year. As i think they are. You know the side most likely to disappoint in that group. Take your point about turkey. I think turkey a quite an interesting side with your magazine in fantastic form but they are unpredictable as well. I just think that whales are being overlooked. I think italy will probably run away with the group. But wales could well not spot behind them. Or let's forget semi-finalists five years ago and fourteen wants to do that again okay. We've got some walmart games on saturdays five. Pm wiles take on bena and then on sunday again both five got luxembourg scotland and england vs remaining. I would like a bet on any of those guys of choice for mainstream with salt with you. Chris of going with england and over two and a half goals against romania. Think this could be a decent sore final friendly for england. A fantastic on home soil. Aren't they won eight of the last Twelve actually two nil do remain got chance to score in this game. They've they've been d- indecent form away from home scored in thirteen of the last fifteen on the road and as we've talked about there may be a slight concern about england at the back at central in central defense in particular and six of england's last ten games have featured over two and a half goals. And so i think that'd be competition front window. We talked about that already. The fact that sancho rochford sterling foden old fine out to to prove themselves makes some mount of course revenue mentioned him to come back into the side after his Champions league exploits you know. They'll be keen to make an impression. Those plays i could see it being qua qua entertaining front again that one england and over two and a half goals. Just fancy scotland to wins miller. Quite a good price looked at some burger. No great shakes. Are they really in. The international scene only had one win in their last seven and failed to school in four though so prolific abby end of the pitch really scotland inclined not to draw against the netherlands. They got the victory. Of course it was just a late memphis to buy gold up not snatched away from them. They're beaten fulcrums discipline. A steve clock side him. I mean that was a two two draw against the netherlands as well which was a makeshift eleven. They missing similar. They're they're more key. Seeing your plays that we'll be back in for the style of the euro. So i think it gave steve off a little bit about some of the pullman says from the plays and again i think it is no dishing for some of some of the squad place to say to him. Look i want to be started not first game of the year. Oh so you know. Let's let's give luxembourger thing. This one thing is scotland. They don't generally teams. Don't gemini seem to smash teams today. You know it's usually by a goal or a couple. So i think winston Is probably a good batsman. Thank you very much indeed agents and before we go. I want your mind selections euros and your best longchamps. I'll tell you what else that trump for top scores.

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