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I was on the verge of, well, I must admit, I'm in the process of speaking to some of those tool children. I mean, these children are sustained. They're not young children. Really? I'm going to get a group together. And I am certainly going to make some sort of, I'm going to arrange a time with statements written statements and witnesses and take it to the headmaster. Because that's tough can be so damaging to someone of an EH but to attain a life that is so fragile. I think that I think they're everything, but they're just so fragile, aren't they? Oh, look, and we want them to say it's good. We want them to continue to learn learning. But some of these teachers, I think, should have been retired. I think because we're so to give them maybe an excuse. We're so short on teachers. We've got teachers, look, I'm not saying that because they are older that they have done their time. But I think they've lived in a different age and to have teachers in their 60s and 70s. At school. Teaching in the station that I was taught 50 years ago is just maybe not the right way to go. All right, then it's all the very best with your pursuits here. Good on you. Thank you, John. Hi, thanks a lot. Bye. It is coming up to 11 new stocks that we can every morning. MVP's bonus days are back at Lowe's. Right now, get a special bogo offer from Bosch. By select Bosch 18 Volt bear tool, get a battery free. Shop savings on all of our top pro items. Plus, MVPs are up to three times bonus points on select products. Join today in redeem points for products designed to level up your business. Don't miss MVP's bonus days happening now at Lowe's. Pricing an office subject to change at any time. Bonus points calculated before taxes and fees after applicable discounts if any vowed through 9 23. Home, they say it's where the heart is. They also say it's wherever you make it. 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From home loans to real estate, they can help. Search Mike piro online to sit a date. Mike pyro real estate limited. Licensed aria 2008. Due to crazy growth, south island forklifts needs more technicians. Got a mechanical mind. We want to hear from you. Call us now. Always 180 ten 80 and have your say. Can't every morning with John McDonald live from our new home and the center of Christ church with smart cross the artificial loan that looks like a real thing. News talks at bay. 5 and a half to 11 rod car from the climate change commission has been signed some very interesting things about the emissions trading scheme will have a look at that after 11 hi Jason. Hello, you're right. Man, what about saw you? Inside a bucket or something. Yeah. Hello? Hello. Yeah, brilliant. Spot on. Right. What's your view on this? What's your story? 50 years ago now. We have messages. Help me help me. I got too much at the time. Any comments? And I'll never answer anything. I won't say it. So I put up the question. Well, yeah. And then you know, let me know. I think. I'm measuring just one. So you have a mounted to something. Wow. Did that stick in your head for a while? I just didn't understand and there was about 53 and I didn't last year. Man, and you were private enough to put your hand up and admit you didn't understand it and to be pushed back like that. That's just appalling, isn't it? Keep up, just go. All year after this. And I'll see you guys back in. And he said, oh, just a year. We can go home. So that's a different. That's a great story, not what the teacher told you, but you've overcome that Jocelyn. Thanks for giving us a call. Coming up to what's a time on the new clock three and a half to 11. We will continue after 11 o'clock as a side came to talk about the emissions trading scheme doctor rod Carr from the climate change commission good on them. He says it's a croc and I couldn't agree with them more and

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