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Movement we've seen, unfortunately, police officers leaving the police force and record numbers. And what is the answer from Democrats to finally reject this radical idea of defunding the police? No. They're trying to blame Republicans now for the Dumpster fire that they created. Yeah, we're going to get into that in just a little bit because you have to look at every single angle. And the Democrats. Oh, no, This was a mistake. The social justice movement is going to come back to buy this in the butt and the reimagining the police departments. People aren't going for because, uh, the expected result. If you ask law enforcement, take them off the streets. Well, something's going to fill that gap. And it's crime. Well, you know, we've come to expect this from Dallas County. With the brain Trust we've got is a city on the City Council and you expected from liberal runs that he's like like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, but Taryn County Well, let me tell you what they've come up with. You Tell me if you agree with us, DEA, Sharon Wilson. Announced a site and release policy. It's very similar to the one Dallas County D. A John Cruz. Oh, announced two years ago. Well in Tarrant County police officers will now have the discretion. Instead of arresting someone they can issue citations tickets. Let me give you the list of things, um, that they don't have to arrest someone. Now they can just simply write them a ticket for possession of marijuana less than two ounces. Possession of marijuana between two and four ounces possession of a controlled substance in various groups. Criminal mischief. If the amount of loss is between 107 $150 graffiti if the damage is between 125 $100 And theft. Grows. Oh, auto like this theft. Um now they don't have to arrest people. They can write him a ticket if the theft is between 107 $150 Now. Yes, I know. Being poor isn't a crime. I also know a lot of poor people try to take advantage of the various programs both public and private, um, to get through some tough times. They don't necessarily go out and commit a crime simply because they're poor. I understand that You know, I've I've seen some tough days just like everybody else. It. Just it surprised me the turn Count Tarrant County when this went this way, and I'll tell you why it surprised me because while we're working To undo the mess the Democrats have made with this defund the police movement. Um yeah. Why would we send the message? At all. That we're not going to prosecute crime. Yes. If you steal something that $749 or $749 worth of stuff, do you not view that as a crime? Um, criminal mischief if the amount of loss is between 100 and 750 graffiti if the damage is between 125 $100 It just seems to me. This is not the time. And this is my opinion, my opinion normally, but it just seems to me that this is probably not the time, um, to be going easy. On people that commit crimes of any kind. You know, we're trying to support law enforcement support the laws. Uh and I don't agree with all of them, but we have a process whereby you can change those laws. Um, it just does it make sense to you at this particular point in time and In this country's history after this whole disastrous defund the police movement, the the Democrats. By the way, we're going to get into why the Democrats are blaming Republicans in just a little bit. Jeannie and Burlison. Genie, How are you doing? Hey, here. I'm doing good. I'm glad you have a wonderful dog. Oh, he's a good boy. Your dog, Max. Yeah, but what I was calling about just heard the radio and I heard something about AOC. And it reminded me that, um, she has a new nickname, and the person who gave her this nickname is the fact Republican candidate for mayor in New York. He's the one that was a guardian angel for years. Oh, you're talking about Curtis. Yeah, that's it. That's it. Well, what he said yesterday. I think last night, he said her name her name nickname that the AOC stands for all out crazy. Out crazy, So I thought that was pretty cool. And you might want to hear that and pass that out. I like that. Curtis is a good guy. I Gosh, I first met Curtis. Back in 1993, or 94 in the Guardian Angels came to Denver and I was working at KY at the time. And of course, they were trying to get get as many people familiar with them as they could. The guy they put in charge of the Guardian Angel. Um, chapter in Denver was a guy named Iron Mike. Really, Really nice. Nice guy. And Curtis is a nice guy. Curtis Lee was who you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah, He's a He's a candidate now, but all out crazy. That sounds like something Curtis had come up with. And hey, it sticks. It looks good to me AOC all out crazy. Alrighty. Good. We'll have a good show. I'm going to be listening, Jeannie. Thank you for the call. I appreciate it very, very much. Well, somebody in Terran County That's not real happy. Um right now is Sergeant Manny Ramirez, president of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association. I'm going to talk to him next. And luck. He's the expert. You tell me this site and released policy, um for marijuana, low level theft between 107 150. Is that a good idea? We'll find.

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