Kansas, President Trump, Kansas Supreme Court discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


When he issued executive actions and orders was addressing climate change, and he said it will be central to U. S foreign policy and security securing America. I'm an envoy, John Kerry says the nation 17 intelligence agencies were going to come together to assess danger, damage and risk to give all of us and even deeper understanding of the challenges that first time a president has ever done that the Pentagon will start incorporating climate change into its new national defense strategy. In a statement, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said. As directed by the president. We won't clued the security implications of climate change and our risk analyses strategy development in planning guidance. Rachel Sutherland Fox is one thing included in President Biden's executive actions yesterday will reverse the Trump era policy that restricted federal funding to international organizations that provide abortions or abortion counseling. In Kansas lawmakers are asking citizens to consider the abortion issue, voters will get their chance to decide the fate of a proposed pro life of men. Admitted to the Kansas Constitution during the primary election in 2022 States Senate approved the anti abortion measure on a 28 11 votes. State House previously backed it last week. The measure would overturn a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court decision that found that access to abortion is a fundamental right. If approved, the amendment wouldn't be an all out ban on the procedure. Could ultimately paved the way for outlawing the practice in Kansas. Tom Graham Fox News, an incident and Fort Bliss in Texas. During training in the field. U. S soldiers, two of them in critical condition after ingesting an unknown substance. Nine others were also injured. Now back to Wall Street. We mentioned games stop well in general stocks could go back down down features. Falling.

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