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And I was like, well, I need some couth on the. I need to be able to manage a little bit better. I know that I didn't say him, but because he just walked off, he was all mad. He's pretty big boy too. There's some big boys in this. These got some muscles. Yeah, abandoned, we're, we're good. So it's just taking a little bit of time for me to figure out how to manage different situations and try to think, you know, in the race car, I'm just looking out the windshield out at the racetrack at my front fenders, but try to kind of picture the video game style camera view from up above from behind a seat. What is the real picture for my situation? I know you made things right with Germany, Clements and some of those other guys that you've had issues with has Kevin Harvick made amends with you. Have you talked to him now any plans there at any point? Man, I I didn't know how to handle it, but everybody on my side was on my side. Everybody in we're all biased. But we had the honest conversation of should we. We reach out and it was like, like, that's our place. I mean, that's it's, we're big boys like it was a racing deal. The comments after his what really got me more than anything. Obviously, crashing out of the race feeling like I had control of my car the whole time, and he was the one that was struggling and sliding up on the bottom. I could hear him in and out of the gas like he was trying to keep it off of me. Honestly. I know he was this is racing comments after, yeah, that's what got under my skin more. Somebody like that. I feel like if I can control my emotions like he could to, but he's just that's just how he is. I have grown up watching. I was there at his first Cup win. No, I don't. You know, obviously we don't run against each other and Cup, and now he's not gonna run xfinity anymore. So probably never race against him again, you know, honestly, in looking at the way my careers is tracking probably never never do that. Yeah, it'd be a problem. So on the track you have no friends. But what he said in that interview off the track that kind of purchase little bit Utah. Jeff Gluck and recent twelve questions that you try to make amends. Sometimes when you call the veteran, you've been told, hey, lose my blanking number. So you have no friends on the track. But when you try to fix things off the track and you hear that that does hurt you, it kind of seems like really be real friends. Anyway, we'd just kind of get Quainton and shook each other's hand, but it really wouldn't mean nothing. Honestly. You said you've been here the last two days here yesterday for the debriefing today. You address the team was Chip Ganassi here today. Okay, so you still have not met? Not met him now, the man, your car person? Okay. He's busy guy. Yeah, I'll fit into the schedule whenever I was times. Right, so they they have awesome staff here. You know, beyond the the business side in the racing side, you know, sitting down with Doug do cart. Sit Doug asked me to come as office before Darlington and sitting down and like just let it happen. What do you mean? He's like, just let the car do the work, let the guys who the work you just plug yourself in. Do your job, let everything happen the way it's supposed to and everything will work out, fine. We, we have the confidence in you. So that was like foot started shaking when he said that like this is a guy that I mean, he just brings with him so much notoriety in smarts for the business side of racing, and he's known so many drivers and and I think I'll probably be the same way with chip, but probably both fetal be shaken because from what I can tell how chip is it's, you know, I wanna win racist for him. That's my job. I'm not here to. Taking lunch. I'm not here to do anything like I'm here to get in his race car work with his his employees and go when races that's all I wanna do for him. That day will come..

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