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You better you bet. Bet you nick. Hostels cody decker in for ken barclay. Running over some of our week to preseason takeaway spending them to week one of the nfl regular season cody. Let's talk packers for a second here and this offense here. Everyone knows about aaron rodgers. Everyone knows about devante adams and big bob tania marquez valdez gambling and allen lazard and the weapons in the passing game. People know about aaron jones. The stud number one running back jamaal williams especially now gone in detroit in the timeshare with the andrea swift. Well we are seeing in the preseason now. Aj dylan last year. Second round pick people killed this right. Love in the first round dylan in the second round. Love didn't play it. All dylan didn't play until basically the final half the season. Final couple of games but dylan looks like an absolute stud as the backup here to aaron jones. Someone who's going to get a lot of playing time especially down the stretch of the season as an absolute bowl in the running game and kyle and hill young running back adding a different dimension. Here in the preseason catching the ball out of the backfield potentially i look at this packers offense as having so many different weapons right not just with rogers and jones and the receivers but with dylan and with and hill and it just again like solidifies to me. Green bay one minnesota to in the nfc north. And i think right now. Green bay the biggest threats of the tampa. Bay buccaneers cody. They played in the nfc championship. Game last year. Lambeau i think they play in the nfc championship game. This year in tampa. I think you are right in there in that league. I totally think they are the biggest competition to tampa. There's too many ways this team can beat you flat out and do you remember the last time. Aaron rodgers has had that good of a backfield behind him. It's incredible what he's got. This team could beat you in every possible way. This team could feasibly. Beat you without aaron rodgers. Even throwing a pass. That's how good this team currently is. I i don't even see it as vikings too. I see it as packers won pretty much. everyone else. A- distant too. yeah. I think that's a that's a fair point right when the packers could easily win thirteen games this year. Kings max out at eleven. But i still like minnesota's the second best team in that division speaking of the tampa bay buccaneers..

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