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Girl the popular girls standing up for the boy with the back love. How funny is so funny. It is when you're in high school. You guys come on normal. Living a life of of less to know gossip is so much freeing. I mean thinking about the days when you would leave rooms and you're like oh they're talking about me or they're gonna say something about me. I mean when. I'm in a certain situation of my life of my experience in my life right now. Wow there is a lot of gossip where that is going on. And it's such avoidance and it's such like lack of especially when people break out of the pack. Someone's doing something different doing something out of the norm. That's always like number one. Yeah and it's always the no better it's like they should datta dot it on. It's like 'cause it's not what you would do. One hundred percents worry about your pick up your own room bed about your own life. And that's a huge teaching. You know of twelve worlds for life which is really worried about your own space or you're trying to change the world worry about your own space. It's so refreshing to be in. You know friendships. I feel like we have so many great friends here. And alan our conversations. Even if there is discussion about another person there is usually like a an addition which is like you know what i. I wonder why this is triggering me. Oh it's always you know so it's like yes. I really appreciate that because yes we knew. We can have our moments where we just kind of as you say. Let her rip on it. But it's always like Okay so how am i wake of. This is about my experience at this is really like either bugging me or or it's like i'm projecting but yeah totally projecting on this person or or there's a i think there's also to the sleuthing. I think this is what women do all the time. We're we're like well you know. His mom was never around and like we like make excuses always on the road. And that's why he feels like he's got up blah blah blah and like especially with men like every men get ford. You're dating you're like well. Did you know he was only child so we probably say oh my god just asshole hold out home. It's a really great conversation and we talked about her new book but we also talked about gossip like which we just discuss. It was really beautiful. How it felt really step-by-step. It felt really liberating I wanna make a real for that putting your instagram. Just because it was so so good there was also this conversation or part of the interview where we talked about things that are not helpful to hear So phrases that we use that are normalized in our culture. That actually don't help people and that usually make people feel more alone or more isolated and so we talked through some of those phrases and how they are actually not helpful. Yeah we also talked about Taking control of the conversation that you want to have Which i thought was really helpful. So she gives us kind of tactical things we can say. Or you know things that are kind of unsaid that we can create boundaries Around and we also talk about our regulating. Our emotions talk a little bit about parents. I had some you know specific questions. You and then what if your mom calls And then also like you know speaking to the person on the side of dynamic who is who is receiving about race. Who's someone sets the boundary and then that other person like you know what is what is that. What is that reaction. How do we kind of resolve that. Which was so interesting. Because we've all been on on the receiving side about dream. Yeah because i feel like in so many interviews people talk about this is how you set boundaries. Everyone's boundary we. Don't talk about how to receive the boundary. And how if someone sets about andrew with you whether it's verbal or nonverbal how to handle and process yes yes super helpful so she's just incredible so fun so funny we laugh. We laughed a lot and she also shares her her self care routine which i thought was really unique and inspired me. Because for someone who's really serving so many people and It's important to take care of herself. So that was really interesting. And her new book is set boundaries. Find peace last thing. We also talked about just social media. We talked a lot about social media boundaries Walking people on social media if you want just kind of the etiquette and the way to operate on social media so that was part of it. And i know you guys are really interested in that so i felt like really relevant for you so her book is out now. You guys can follow her on instagram. We share oliver information in the episode as well. And we're really grateful. She was able to. Yeah truly thank you and for everyone in almost thirty nation if you haven't already check out our new website it's brand new as of this year and we have courses and programs to support you in your evolution. You can also learn just a little bit more about almost thirty and us and if you are a podcast out there and you want to start or grow or monetize your podcast. We know firsthand. Just how powerful. This medium is more super passionate about it and so we started podcast pro because of that. Wanted to create a hub for all of you out there And we're just really excited.

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