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Boston University that's not going into a internship and I sat there in front of my father my father kind of looked at me kind of dumbfounded and I said you know I this is this is what I want to do and unless it was a supposed to be a vocation you're not supposed to go off and do other things and that kind of let me down this path of creating value in doing things that I love around building and innovating around technology medicines were kind of combine two things Ameris is built and sold to different medical companies and then became the CEO of one named insight tack that has helped to this person he didn't know in west I picked up a Cup of coffee it just shows I shook like a leaf and the coffee went everywhere and I was twenty five how and so that was the first time I really noticed a trend when it was quite extreme and then nothing for years and then slowly but surely it would come back a bit more when I first came to the states yeah I came as the chief technology officer for the nextel and that was a high profile job informing that a lot of stress and I noticed things like when I was on an airplane this country is really big you don't get on an airplane you know connect do business all over the country we would and I sat by the auto because I didn't passing some hot liquid across another passenger you know the.

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