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Ground a sheet maybe a piece of plastic a cardboard box something like that and it should be okay is zero it was T. L. as though it seems to have so many blooming birds yeah they're living right now and if you want to preserve all of you sure coverage but it seems to have more and more dormant was ready to blow ITS warm again so maybe don't need color cover TL if but only because reserve covers you for make sure everyone was comes out but you don't have to continue to open in both I I want all the fragrance I can get for that I love having that show up right by the front door that's one of the yeah cool things you ever tell me this is Daphne I haven't done the moon dance is opening up by the way SO mind dentistry is over it run a little pink but is about halfway open be smell in the neighborhood what someone in our in our neighborhood took down a the most a tree which normally I would not have shed a tear over and it was so close to the the edge of their yard into the street but yeah for the first time in my life about a year ago when I was walking the dog passed it I smelled it when it was in full bloom which of course it's early right now but when I was in full bloom with a little spiky troll hair kind of blossoms that was the first time I'd really ever notice the fragrance of a mimosa tree in some kind of fun to see it go well yeah but we have lost a lot lives in one of the most intriguing no being that I thought four oh four eight seven two zero seven fifty is the number to get in on the lawn and garden show down Henry county good morning Mike how are you I'm doing okay now the right on this one right good so what's your question about the spare guess yeah I had a quick question on the seats are question if I have time I have a not sure was very good bands six or seven years old and I was just one of the best to to move to a new location off I just need to start over you can rejuvenate it the movie get your rejuvenates the root system because you gonna Sausal roofs off obviously as you move around but those shot fruits and who can you dig it out of the ground go ahead wash all the dirt off the roof so you can see some of these sort of Barsky I guess lawyers rose just won't look young where is the vetoes of ricin whiten firm little cara sorrels skin in the nice white was the one to keep an old bar he was once you cut off and if you do that we lose a new place new young great thinkers Roussel come out is getting more powerful as fair city ever had before now's a good time to do it now time great tension question my underwears garment or in the fall and right now find do I need to treat it like a new new plan like not you know not harvesting think we're here to learn and I'm just yeah I know it is very issues so heartbreaking you find this very issue hello couples fears first year in five or ten the next year after that you heard was very heavily but yeah the first year you Perot leave it alone let's routes rather cells and not only stressful you you know you're in there energy producing part all right all right the question is there's a lot of different kind of seed starting things out there talents rock wall chunks Moscow in plastic containers and I was just curious what your preferences and if you have any tips or tricks Donna said he's a jiffy Cup so many times I feel like a second nature to use them as sorry plants in plastic containers to get to the grocery store front seasoning in place exit containers from the grocery store but the jiffy cuts from a just war great food and water for a few minutes it's surreal swells up real nice and pretty and puts a seasonal stop and the Manchus all around it put in a warm light place in the seas pop out and when the plants grown about three or four inches so he can translate allow it if the price is fun and that's pretty neat so really it's just based on preference but the most important thing when starting seat is a to make sure you've got a viable see that you've kept in a nice cool dry place or else you're already starting at failure if it's maybe gotten some humidity or it's really old or something but the soil conditions and the light is so so important so Mike thank you so much for the call it is seven thirteen we're gonna check back in with the traffic.

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