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Designed podcast for about and by designers but it's two hundred fifty episodes and it is a black designers so for someone who says there aren't two hundred and fifty black designers sounds to me like you've still got hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of shows to do beyond this you don't have any trouble finding guests oh no there's no trouble with with finding guests and i should say it's mostly designed does that all designer so i say it's probably a good mix of some designers developers and just overall creatives i mean we've had presentation designers apparel designers we've got software engineers we have designed to cater we've got a pretty good cross section across i think design and development in terms of who we had on the show and it's of course not just here in the us we've had people throughout europe throughout africa through the caribbean i'm hoping this year to get to asian south america working on that so it's really kind of a good mix of what designers are doing around the world and are you like me my podcast is aside thing i mean i have a job this is still aside aside hustle i actually no it's part of my job now seriously how did you that i need to get that that's cool this shower i don't know we'll fall creek is is is a is a sponsor but they're also gracious enough for me to do this right alongside my regular work so with that you know we're also able to kind of bring the revision path audience along for things that we're doing fall creek as it relates to glitch you know if there are certain campaigns that were doing or a certain you know audience or segment that we're trying to hit then the revision path audience is kind of a built in component of that that's great and glitch of course everyone's learning about in in hearing about glitch on twitter because your ceo anil dash is like the the king of twitter right now a glitch dot com it's a it's a friendly community where.

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