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Over four seasons beginning in twenty thousand nine hundred with player options of twenty one million for twenty twenty two and ten million by twenty twenty three i would say he could have gotten a little more why i don't think it would have been my starting point of guys who signed his offseason would've been lorenzo cain but he's better than lorenzo cain and i think king got seventy five million but he's also watched players who ten the tender and then go out and sign for less than whatever the tender what black man would never have been in that situation but he doesn't have to stress a little bit interesting though that you wait to the season begins and then one of the older north thirty everyday players his contract he then signs a one hundred million dollar plus contract they they wrote about it in that regard that that he did not want to take the chance it says bob nightingale wrote all star outfielder charlie blackmon wasn't excited about the prospect of free agency a month ago and he was more than willing to sign a contract extension with rockies put his pen wears mouth was by signing the one hundred million surprised that he got as much as he did based on his era and here's the other thing too and i think this is really hard your he he's thirty one this year he's only like now he's slated to make fourteen million this year because he want because of arbitration but he's only made twelve point two in his career he's had a really good career but he's hitting free agency at a later age when someone is willing to give you life changing money one hundred and eight million dollars do you really want to forego it off your happy and critical him one bit i'm just looking at what we all kind of looked at the free agency period that that came and went with major league baseball this off season and we all looked and said hey i think teams are i don't think it was collusion i think it was teams getting smarter getting their pro changing their approach it's how they're approaching the aging curve and baseball they don't want to pay and i bet you i bet you.

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