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Seventy WFL a you know I thought by. Now that I'd be having a little fun Bouncing off of soundbites Alexander the okay CEO Cortez instead I find myself in the middle of full fledged panic So let's stick with the phones people wanna, talk about this and I. Do have questions and I, want to stress again for those of you coming up do? Not misunderstand my town I, know when somebody says do you. Really believe it sound like you're being called stupid I don't mean. To do but I just expressing my incredulity I have the, utmost respect for, all. Of you and your, intelligence. You wouldn't be listening here in the. First place up, next Vincent Grand Rapids Michigan great to have you sir how you doing I'm, doing. Well thank you First of all I'm going to, get right to my point but I do want to just say to us at. Election, night just before twenty sixteen you know you were the only program that had not given up. Hope on Trump it was it seemed like you're the only person. Anywhere who still, had faith he might. Win and that was, great now To my. Point What do we do as Republicans to To incite somewhat of a riot if you. Will at the at the polling, booths and I don't mean a riot obviously what need. Is a I know what. You, mean I know what you mean, yeah to, to get the people in you know I'm looking at. The numbers of the votes and everything The Democrats versus. Republicans, and the Democrats are coming out, in number, I agree with what you say this time of year It's. Kind of a, toss up but I do know I've, been around well let's stick with one thing at a time here you've so you you put things on the table. A we need to somehow light a fire under Republicans to get them to realize how important it is to. Turn out I'm sitting here saying if they don't know Then it's over how in the world do. You know they, can see what's going on every day, they can see what's being done to the guy they voted for how can anybody not know what's at stake this. Boggles my mind but the second thing is Use you turn, out numbers and I've seen this too I've, seen it in a. Couple of places that the democrat turned out was ninety percent, drive visor say wow look at that enthusiasm you never see ninety percent in over here they say the Republican turnout was forty percent maybe fifty percent and yet in, every race the Republicans have one does anybody? Really believe that ninety. Percent of Democrats turned out I mean come. On so why aren't? They winning in landslide you realize what ninety percent. Turn out that doesn't happen in presidential years ninety percent turnout would equal landslide no matter what especially if, the, Republicans are only forty. Or fifty I don't care how many more. Republicans there are in each of these districts, they're not they were not all so Republican, heavy that despite a. Ninety percent democrat turnout the Republicans still win what is this I I. Agree I, agree this. Is the only thing the only thing? That concerns me and that is I've. Been around long enough voting that. I realized when we have power we don't one. Way are in power I should say that we. Get complacent that's because our candidates disappointed us that's not happening this time I. Could not. Agree with you more except well wait wait wait wait a minute wait a, minute wait a minute. Wait a minute Maybe I'm wrong here maybe individual Republican. Members of congress are disappointing voters particularly those who are not. Really really pedal to the metal supporting Trump, do, what, he, wants, to do that. That could be. A factor have. To admit that Yeah I I hope that's not the. Case but yeah that. That to me is the top concern is how, complacent have we become and I, I don't think complacency I this is where this is why separate from the field here I don't think we're talking about complacency Remember we have this this this statistic That has been born out it's a it's a stat that has, been created by actual fact and history and that is the party that wins the presidency loses. Fifteen seats on average, in the house, in the next election two years later that's, just the way it's were there exceptions, like in in two thousand and two the Republicans won the White House in two thousand and gained seats in two thousand and two because the Democrats scared the hell. Out, of everybody at the Wellstone memorial now why aren't the Democrats scaring? The hell out of everybody every day. Now the Wellstone memorial happened, one night The democrat party ought to be? Scaring anybody with an IQ over ninety Every day Some of, this stuff what the Democrats, are offering what, they're promoting this. Madcap stupid socialism trying to make a star out of. These people the anger that I hate I mean the raw hatred that this party has become known for an happily, makes it known each and every, day what in the world is attractive about. That they want us to believe that this country is United in its disgust for Trump and I just, don't see that but that's what they want, everybody to believe and so we're being asked. To to. Believe a bunch of of of s. o. p. standard operating procedure things that are axiomatic, inside inside the beltway, but I don't think it's, lack of enthusiasm, I can't I. Just can't believe that people that voted two years ago. Have not see the danger That what they voted for is at risk every day So if there is a complacency it, isn't complacency if there's an active decision not to vote and that's what has to be figured out Now I look at some, people are going to be complete look I I know that not one description can apply to everybody. In a, group of millions of people but I, don't think complacency, is the. Primary reason why they're predicting a, Blue Wave in. The media but look I appreciate the call out there Vincent very much again brief timeout Members of the.

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