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Oh, six on a football Friday division around the potus. We have inbound outbound covered on next third hour or football. Obviously. We'll get back to the phones get back to your tweets as well. But we got a chance to chat with a terrific young player who let's face it. You know, he was really good at Stanford middle round pick. And what he's become the NFL. Probably why I don't think he's surprised nor do I think the Packers are surprised because they liked him in the draft. And they took him in a lot of ways he's probably further along than most thought he would be. He's been terrific. And that is Blake Martinez. Just finished up his third year. That is with us here on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio Blake doing today. Really? Well. Nice heated, Arizona, weather out of Wisconsin. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Boy, playing golf what are you doing? Yeah. Just got done working out. And then basically, relaxing hanging out the little one. Yeah. Blake. It's interesting. You say that because some people stay where they get drafted. You get drafted to. I got drafted to New York. I stayed me. I never left right. I just lived here all season. How many guys actually stay in Wisconsin for the on your team after the season's over it? Can't be many because it gets cold is L up there. Yeah. Probably said maybe five. Kids are in school or rehab with the team and that type of thing. Yeah. Yeah. But you're from your from Arizona's, obviously you go back home. But let's let's let's start with the the news of the team in the the firing degree separate agreeing to part ways with Mike McCarthy. How did you guys take that? Because we're starting to hear reports that there was a complacency that set in all this. I dunno rhetorical nonsense. It sometimes just gets reported, even if it's not true. But was it. What was the last few months like with coach McCarthy? Yeah. I think it was. I mean for us. I feel like I was mainly defense. Too much. Mccarthy boy over him as a coach you obviously gave me my opportunity to have for my first three years. But I think overall I think it was just a a moment of needing chains needing a new kind of on a. So the environment to the culture around the facilities, and that type of thing that would just give more of a on a motivation or better outlook, and and. I guess grinding factor back in. Yeah. So we could get back to our our winning ways. Yeah. Have you have you met coach leflore? Yeah. As you've been around you'd probably have it because you you haven't been there, and he's probably just getting there himself, but you know, him at all or know about him. I knew about him. But yeah, not too much about him. And I sent them in overall these past week. I've learned a lot about him on Twitter. You can learn. Well, no, I think he's he's an awesome guy. When things I've seen his ability to just adapt to given off into world, our moving towards the NFL, I think his his age. I think is the big thing in my opinion. Just from the standpoint of the young guy able to kind of coexists with us and be kinda just like a player built a great relationship in that aspect. Yeah. No. It's interesting. You talk about you keep up with guys it's social media. This your head coach. He's have a conversation with the man. Now, you could just follow them. And then listen to what people are saying at you ever had a really young head coach like this. I don't know if not just in high school and high school or in. I know you didn't in college because it was David Shaw probably a position coach, maybe in the NFL. But what how different is that from a not a father figure, but an old head versus one of these young one coaches who were, you know, fifteen years older than you. It's uh. It's definitely interesting. I think it's definitely different for me. I don't think I've ever had a coach throughout my career. That's been pretty early close to my age. But overall, I I just kind of the Berber lot and seeing young coaches around the league, it just seems like they're always fired up on the sideline. Their players are feeding off it November the older guys. Maybe can't move like that. Well, overall, just kind of rallying and like I said once again being being like a player out there. And I think guys kind of it's infectious everyone on the field. So we're told a Blake Martinez a terrific young linebacker for the Packers. And he's with us here on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio what's all about your quarterback a little bit. We all know how gifted era Aaron Rodgers might arguably be the most talented quarterback of all time when you throw in the arm the instincts, the IQ the to run throw it on the against the grain is the study. But we're we're miles twelve fifteen hundred miles away from wiscon-, whatever it is here. So we we kind of have to guess, and we kinda have to connect the dots. And and I I don't I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way. But I really want an honest answer. I hope you can give us some perspective on this. I feel like Blake from the outside looking in that Aaron Rodgers isn't necessarily one of the guys. He's he's a bit of a complex figure, certainly a deep thinker and cerebral, which I'm sure you can appreciate that having gone to Stanford. But it is is everybody down with Rogers. It doesn't seem like it is from a distance. What does that like? No. I think I mean, it's tough to see outside perspective. I got well. I think if you're a player in the locker room with him. He's everyone loved him. He's a great guy. I think is persona that people see or whatever from outside in is just the thing of frustration because he's a winner. And it hasn't been like that in the past couple of years. But when you're with them inside the locker room, he's always helping guys out. I remember when I was a rookie. I kinda kinda put the fear aside. And I went up to him and asking questions on linebackers. He hated to go against the always talked about Brian Urlacher and gave me inside things on what he did to frustrate them. And do those types of things, and and he's always a guy that super passionate at practice leading the offense. When it needs to be led. I think I mean my long but try. Short answer. I think he's a guy that everyone loves them to fill it in is one of the things that people look at a losing record. And it kinda just goes towards the the most well known guy. Puts him in a bad light. Yeah. No. It's it's interesting. Interesting answer because he's he's the guy that everybody's gonna ask the question of. And so I mean, you were there spoiled a little bit as a rookie because you to go to the NFC championship games. Like, oh, we're going to be right back here. Obviously he got hurt last season in this season. We all we all know what happened as you. As you think about errands career, and you know, where it can still go. This move will be good for him. But will it be good for I guess the rest of you guys as well? Because we always look at it in the context and only talk about it in Roger's to benefit from heaven Matlock, four there, are you guys gonna also benefit from this. I think I think obviously in different ways, I think for us. It builds a new accountability structure for everyone. Just because it's not something they're comfortable too. And I I think it's not just the players, but anybody in the facilities where it's hey, this guy's new. He's going to be watching over all of us. We need to step up our game that much more because we're not getting the job done. He's not the guy that brought us in. He's not the guy that opportunity. He's just gonna get another guy that he thinks will get the job done that you want. That's smart way to think about it. Blake martinez. Absurd. Blaker? Go ahead, buddy. No, I don't think that was a kickback on the plate Martinez. Play fourteen is the Packers with us here on Tiki and Tierney Blake we've been talking a lot about offense in the National Football League. I know that defenses have started to adjust in a way. I mean, we put a lot of pressure on you as a backer, especially if you don't substitute was. I don't think you do all the time as you've seen the evolution of offense. You've seen some of these things that you saw in the Pac twelve in college come into the National Football League. How you guys addressing that? How are you? How are you changing your schemes or changing your your approaches towards attacking offense? Now. I think it's definitely changed throughout the last couple years. Just obviously a new guy coming in on offense event that are adapting and growing the NFL game to be kind of like the the college game a lot of spread out offenses and doing a lot of things like that. I think for the most part it's been big for me because it's had it's made me have to grow my game that much more free snap from the making the check making the judgment, which was awesome for me this year. We're coach Penn gave me a lot of freedom to do certain things within the defense that would allow me to change things up given formation recognition those types of things that would take away some of those college like ways. Yeah. Give us a good opportunity to stop them. What hurts zero yard gain or a big PF L in the backfield. Nice. Nice. Those on no tech TSL's tackle for a loss. I'm blake. Mike patton. We just like I was just making sure this was confirmed in our Sam Sam did you said this for Mike Patton back. So even though you have new staff in a sense in a new head coach Mike is coming back, and that's good for you. Because you've thrived under that. And in fact, that leads us to the talking points that you're on with with video, and the TV P total was it total performance. Most total value performance a nominee. You're the only defensive player on this list. This isn't it seems like an offense of award last year Alvin Kamara one because he was you know, later in our second round pick and one rookie of the year. It's gotta meet some specialty used since you're being recognized with all these offense of really really underrated guys. It's an awesome award. My biggest thing taken from. It is being nominated has been awesome for me. Just from the standpoint, it it shows me, I'm doing the right thing. Especially being one of the defense. The guy for one of the only defense guys up for definitely shows me, I'm doing something. Right. And it's one of those things that just give me another motivation to keep doing what I'm doing and and keep working hard. And it's it'd be awesome. Obviously when award at the end of the day, but like I said, it's still very very appreciated that I'm up for the war in general. Fans, by the way. I know we're on out in Wisconsin fans vote for this because it's fan voting vizo dot com slash TB. Got Blake Martinez.

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