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Serving Colorado since 1950 Steelers led at halftime 17 3 They win it. 26 2 21 Broncos will get a turn over to start. The third quarter's Justine Simmons intercepted Ben Roethlisberger and that would lead to the first points of the second half. As Jeff Driskel continued at quarterback for the injured Drew lock, Driscoll found Noah fan 36 9 12 runs Gordon's out of the game. Rice Freeman left Driscoll the shotgun trips right. Four men rushed from the pocket throws a crossing route. They just caught. Inside the 27 15 inside the tent, and there's no offence with first catch of the game and a tackle out of bounds. That will cost the Steelers half the distance to the goal. And that helped set up a 28 yard field goal. By Brandon McManus. BRONCOS Down 17 6 With eight minutes to go in the third quarter, Steelers got the ball back, decided to go for it on fourth and short. The Broncos defense, though, came up with the winning moment brought to us by the Colorado Lottery. Forced down into it be huge at the Broncos can make a stop here 35 yard line. The line of scrimmage. Tell by the way. James Connor's sitting that he's not getting this ball's gonna be a passive Some store robberies, Burger takes a snap looks left pumps now tries. We're not up in the pocket, throws the ball over the head of the receiver of the 15 yard line in complete the Bronco deepest holes. Eric Ebron is throwing a tantrum at the 15 yard line, he said Karine Jackson heading around the waist, no flag and a great job by the Broncos defense, stopping that fourth down and to from their own 35. So the Broncos win that battle. It's the winning moment of the game brought to us by the Colorado lottery from parks and open space to trails every Colorado lottery game you play. Apps on the places Colorado place When you play the wind, so play on Broncos tried to get a drive going. They did just that going 45 yards and six plays. Briscoe found Noah fans on the Audi flat irons performance of the game. Chuck in time for Bristol, the backup quarterback takes the snap. Looks left throws one wide open receiver catch into the end zone. Touchdown. Denver That's Noah fans. Ah touchdown strike from Jeff Driskel of 20 yards to Noah fan his second touchdown reception of the early season and Denver's bounced right back in this thing down 17 to 12 fan would add the two point conversion catch to make it 17 14. It's the performance of the game brought to his buyout E flat irons. Your experience is their number one priority. Visit out e flat irons dot com. Steelers came back big band to Donte Johnson on a touchdown pass of 28 yards. 24 14, Pittsburgh with 11 26 to go in the third. KJ handler it down at the Broncos 13 on the kickoff return, so the Broncos would have to punt. Sam Martin bobble the ball safety for the Steelers. The lead was up to 26 14 with 10 01 remaining and things look dire and hopeless for the Broncos, but They bounced up off the mat. On their ensuing possession, the Steelers fumble any snail gave it up. Green Jackson recovered at the Broncos 46 6 plays later, the Broncos were in the end zone. Denver Down 26 to 14 but deep in Pittsburgh territory blitz on the way to school in the pocket floats. One up is that Gordon in the end zone, Gordon goes up makes the catch and he's got a Denver touchdown Gordon out of the backfield, the little wheel route and a nice stroll by Jeff Driskel. Gordon. That time beat Vince Williams, one of the inside linebacker 16 yards on the touchdown, throw and catch and the Broncos right back in it with seven minutes and change left in this fourth quarter. Now down 26 2026 21 with the P 80 Denver ball at its 18 yard line after forcing a punt six minutes eight seconds to go. Denver got all the way down to the Steelers 15 at the two minute warning. Third and two, Driscoll throws incomplete to Cage, A handler and on forth into boards to the right of bristles to set Patrick in. Fans write Hamilton from slot left in motion, Driscoll will be hit and sacked back 25 yards. That is the seventh sack of the game by the Pittsburgh Steelers on again I will say this from a schematic standpoint, not all of those On the offensive line, right? That That was a sack that was completely completely unblocked. It was Caroline Caroline. Nobody touched him. Steelers ran out the clock. They went 26 21 is they get to know And the Broncos are Oh, and two. Let's take 10 seconds for station identification on the K away. Broncos Radio Network News Radio 50 A. M. 94 won the Voice of Colorado. 26 21 Steelers over the Broncos. Today's game brought to us by Noble, energy, proud partner of the Denver Broncos. Couple of big things to report on the spine. One injury report drew lock, of course, hurting that shoulder in the first half. He did not return. Portland. Sutton's time was limited but doesn't seem to be a serious injury. He had a cramping issued to Marcus Walker banged up as well, So we'll see how everything shakes down this weekend, who's of Bailable and who isn't that is the spine. One injury report. Denver's most comprehensive spine care centers, spine one same day appointments for back neck and joint pain. Find out more at spine one dot com Steelers 26 The Broncos 21,.

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