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Most of us are brushing our teeth wrong. We're not brushing for long enough. We forget to change our brush on time, and that's because most brands focus on selling flashy gimmicks rather than better brushing, but, hey, not quip. So what makes quip so different? For starters, quip is an electric toothbrush. That's a fraction of the cost of bulkier brushes. Also, quips built in timer helps you clean for the dentist, recommended two minutes with guiding pulses to remind you win switch sides and with quips subscription plans, they're focused on your health. They deliver new brush heads on our dentist, recommended schedule every three months for just five dollars, including free shipping worldwide, and check this out. Quip also comes with the mount that suctions right to your MIR and unstick St. us as a cover for hygienic travel wherever you take your teeth. Finally, everyone loves quip. It's featured by Oprah time magazine and having the distinction of being the. I subscribe electric, toothbrush accepted by the American dental association. Quip starts at just twenty five dollars and for listeners of the Chad Prager show, if you go to get quip dot com slash Chad right now, you'll get your first refill pack free with a quip, electric, toothbrush. Again, that's your first refill pack free at get quip dot com. Slash Chad g. e. t. q. u. IP dot com. Slash chat do it for your teeth. Podcast. One presents the Chad Prager show your one stop shop for comedy, craziness and common sense each week, YouTube star and voice of the every man. Chad breeder brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world..

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