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Be likes sixty seventy pounds and forty five seconds it taught you how to break down the Jack through and I remember sending a message to freedom like Frida all these years later your your company's still added your innovating you're doing such approachable and at the same time fun stuff to be able to teach people how to cook and they also did out reach directly to consumers saying on the packages if you have any questions about the product let us know and the mail started to pour in and not only that here locally in southern California she's to appear on ABC channel seven web with the weekly segment where she would be at the produce market she explained to people of this is this you know this is a habanero this is should talking mushrooms this is our Shishido peppers those are all produce by the way that she introduced in the United States nowadays you might know who the farmers are you definitely know your local supermarket people or originally but back in those days no one knew who the brokers where and freed up herself out there I mean who was the last produce person not farmer whose last produce person that you ever saw on late night with David Letterman the only one I could think of was Frida I don't think I ever saw that that must have been held area all my god I they they as CBS Sunday morning they they recently ran a remembrance of freedom they had a little clip and so she gives him a was I believe it was star fruit and she's like oh you know tasted this like in the nineties but she she also like how is it I don't know what to think a place like room well it's damn near inedible free to sort of be offended she left she starts laughing because she just was so gregarious so one of the most charming people I've ever met because you know from where we sit now in a place where food is become so sophisticated and supermarkets are so filled with with food from all around the world to you remembered that there was a time that this was not so and food wasn't globalized and for free to to have been one of the main personalities who created this in road is is really something that that family will treasure forever as a legacy so it took us a bit about who is is now running the company technically free to gain control of the company to her daughters in nineteen ninety so Karen Kaplan she's still the president and Jackie Kaplan weekends she's the vice presidency and Karen's a CEO so they've carried on her legacy that said free to step down in nineteen ninety at this point that's thirty years ago but up until really late last year she was still showing up to the office every single day and night there so at the end she was checking on the books she was doing you know she she was definitely going to every Wednesday they would have a show and tell like the foragers for free does they'd say okay this the latest thing I found at the farmers market and I I talked to Mary Landis who now runs olive oil story looks Alameda's a long time for Jr for freedom and she'd say how every Wednesday freedom would basically run down the hallway so she could be the first person there at the kitchen she'd ask the most questions she laughed aloud as she always have the first sample more often than not and she wouldn't leave any samples for anyone because that's how enthusiastic she was even in her later years well thank you so much Gustavo such a wonderful wonderful person she's.

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