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They just don't report. You know, You see this surge the spike in Corona cases in the US, they keep showing that line. They never show you. The European life are Spike is like this. The European one is like this. It's like 15 times bigger Spike. They never show you that Europe is locking down again. They're totally out of control this bike. We're doing far better than every other countries have never report that. Was another thing. They never report showing these polling numbers knows they never show you the breakdowns anymore. That's because Trump surging in a lot of things. African American voters up to 27%. This is unheard of. For Republican Republicans hope to get to 5%, the president 27% in African American votes he's surging in Latino Hispanic votes his way up. He's doing very well with immigrant voters. Now there are a lot of reasons for that Many of them have come from socialist countries. They have seen socialism. You know, you see long lines at thes polling places go to Brooklyn right now, where it's a lot of Russians and Ukrainians talked to them in line. They're all voting for. Trump asked him why We've seen socialism. We know what it is. They understand it. But better than the screwed up college kids in New York who think socialism is great. Joe about that. Can you name any any Any free country where people are escaping or any socialist country where people are sneaking into it. Have you ever seen that? No, no, not many people sneaking in those countries. No, they're all trying to get out Socialist countries. They built a wall to keep people in. Cuba doesn't have a big problem with people trying to sneak in. It doesn't happen a lot, and it was take some calls. Let's go to Judy in Brooklyn. Judy, how you doing? Judy. Let's go to rob in New York City. Rob, How you doing? Hey, Mark. Good morning. Hey. So great job by the way, when you retired when I come to that party, I'd really like to get an invite Joe's retirement party. Yeah, it's on hold. It's on hold. You're not retiring, are you? How could you retire? Now? You got a perfect set up here. The good thing of the pandemic was it saved Patsy's a fortune Having to fund this retirement party with Bartlett one more, let's go to John and Staten Island. Hey, John. Hey, mark, it was pointed out. It was kind of funny, Biden says he's got a better plan than Trump, You know, already know. In New York, there's spikes, and there's also spike in New Jersey and who runs it May isn't governors of the Democrats. So what did it get from bite, and that's different from the information that Trump is trying to do that has all the guys from CBC and a chem everybody else all appointed by Democrats. Yeah. All right. Well, thanks for calling Joe Barton. People aren't stupid when they keep biting has a plan. Biden has a plan, and Biden has a plan. Every time they watch, he mumbled something about wearing masks. More masks. That's the plan. That's what you came up with. It's going to change things. I mean, if only we could do that. Yes, everything would be different. And these It's like he's crazy. Liberals online. They always hashtag wear a mask. Where mask you put all over Facebook, where a mask everybody's already wearing your messed. Everybody's wearing a mess. I know once in a while, you see some, not without a massacre. There's a homeless guy with no mask A once in a while, Some Karen comes in the store refuse where this's that one out of in case everybody is wearing a mask. Everybody's been wearing a mask. That's not a plan. But when we come back, and Coulter will be with us, let's see what she thinks about all of this coming up on 7 10 W. O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe. But okay Mark Mayor de Blasio calling for a fundamental change to the city's board of elections after waiting three hours to cast his vote yesterday, he's calling now for a constitutional amendment to end the cronyism at the board. Chaos and violence in Brooklyn, 30 protesters arrested fires were set Police officers hurt in a demonstration that came in reaction to the deadly police shooting of a black man in Philadelphia restaurant workers are rallying today calling for the capacity on indoor dining to be raised to 50%. Right now it's a 25%. The owners.

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