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If he can't get these guys to defend better that they'll be gone in the. Eventually he'll be I think that the Lakers are gonna keep Luke for this season. I believe magic what he told Bill Plachy and Tanya gained Guli and Brad Turner yesterday. I think Luke is going to be given a chance this year to coach the team. But if we get another one of those fallen behind forty two ten home, I think that's when Robin magic start opening the file that's in the backpack of your door with people that have sent you resumes over the last three years, you think coaches, actually still send resume I think warned the Gary represents a lot of coaches, you call warranty is you think Warren got on the phone this morning. Yeah. Sure. He did. I mean, it's I forty two ten is almost inexplicable. Yeah. And by the way, I played high school basketball surge Baca went fifteen for fifteen to start the game. Yup. The guy played within high school was this legendary high school coach coached all over the place. I guarantee if a guy started five for five. Yeah. The sixth shot he's on his back. That's. Not on his ass point. The he doesn't get to six for six nonetheless, unless fouled hard none of that a bucket just kept going going going and heard what what Ryan Hollins defense a lot of defenses just effort. It's effort. I mean, they had twelve uncontested shots in the funds for that. What you just said unforgivable, and Luke knows it and looked and so I think going back to your suggestion had changed the lineup. I think what was going to tell these guys. Look, I don't care if you score five baskets in a row if you don't play defense you're coming out. He's gonna make substitutions based on how these guys defend or not. And I think you're gonna you're gonna see a very short leash on some of these guys don't fit now what a lot of you will come back at the two of us with is. Well, what about LeBron LeBron is not an elite defender, blah, blah, shut up. What we were getting. All right. Lebron is at a place. In his career where he can take over a game by himself. It's the price you pay. If LeBron gets beat on defense you live with it. Well, and let's face it. He that is not his thing. Say it's not as Cup of tea. But I mean, he's not you knew you were getting a guy who wasn't as committed at the defense if he wanted to he could be any and at times, he will lay There was a playoff. there was a playoff series a few years ago in Derrick rose was in his MVP are where they were behind Miami was behind I think two to one or one to nothing in in a series in Chicago. And the Brian just goes, okay? I got tear crows and neutralized him for the whole rest of the series. Kind of like what Kobe did to that Brazilian guy in the Olympics and so- LeBron can can do any went through. But if you're going to blame this on the bronze LeBron has some accountability here. He knows that they win or lose as a team. But if your suggestion to fix this problem is bench, LeBron takeout. Lebron trade the brunt. It's not happening. All right trade who I got. I got to tweets already know you want me to call these people out all call read the tweets, but but that is not happening. Lebron is the reason you have a chance in these games because he can take them over by himself. It's everybody else that needs to defend and LeBron knows he'll have to be part of of defending as you by the way with Ryan Hollins when he says LeBron could win. In any of these games he wanted. Well. Yeah. If you didn't pass and just took the game over I saw the for twenty eight straight points in a game once in a playoff game. But don't you think he could just win a couple?.

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