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Is boxing with Chris Manning. How's somebody punch him in the face? Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher. Watch this. Hosted by SI's Chris mannix. That was my moment. Now with interviews, analysis and everything going on in the world of boxing. When you have talent, you are given another chance. Here's Chris mannix. All right, welcome back to boxing with Chris mannix part of the volume sports podcast network. We've got a great show for you this week. I am coming to you from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. I am here as part of the broadcast team for the zone fight. Dmitry beeville Gilberto Ramirez terrific fight. I'm going to get into that and much more with my guest this week. Ali Oladipo, a broadcaster with the zone. There's a lot of other media over in the UK. He's going to join me. Eddie Hearn, the promoter of this event, he's going to join me to run through a whole bunch of topics. So we've got a lot to get to on this show. But I did want to start off the top. By bringing attention to something I saw last week. Last week, on the undercard of the show headlined by William zapata and JoJo Diaz, you had a super bantamweight fight between two undefeated prospects. Hector Valdez, who was the golden boy promoted prospect, and max or nelas, who is a free agent prospect. Also undefeated, both 15 and O, they fought in the first fight of that telecast. And look, I'm not going to sit here and say it was a great fight, but this was a fight that max or Nas clearly won. He controlled the ring with his movement. He landed more punches, his combination punching was effective. The eyeball test just told you that he won the fight. Yet at the end of the fight, two of the three judges scored the fight for Valdez 97 to 93. They effectively gave Hector Valdez 7 of the ten rounds. That's lunacy. We're going to name these judges too.

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