Pau Cavalcanti, Fats Waller, Krall discussed on The Sunday Show


Just right. Green tomato. I'm waiting taping. All. And do. No. All that food. I am ready. I don't think that. With me both. I'm fit to buy. Woman, you know, that mass aid right? All. May right? I'm Stephen I'm really screaming. Hambro? Nahshon with fats Waller for Sunday brunch. That's that's a meal in itself. We're talking whole chickens here. That's all that meat and no potatoes. Diana, Krall peel me a grape for those who are diet-conscious watching the waistline. Pau Cavalcanti these songbook on Sunday. It's a celebration of music especially in the twentieth. Century ninety three point nine FM WNYC in New York.

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