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People. They need financial help now. I was just blown away. I was absolutely blown away when Mitt Romney said that $2000 was too much money from foreign American to have really Okay. Mitt, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the rest of you. Devils, not just in the Democratic Party. But within the GOP Let's take away your money. Let's put you on, okay? A communist, Okay? Social type of payment plan. Where you make $78 now, and I guarantee you every Republican congressman and senator, they were act on behalf of the American people. But they won't do that. Why they cause they don't care about you and I And this is a reason why The present day American system, as is The Democratic Party and the Republican Party. It has to be dismantled. Wrote a tweet to the president some weeks ago. And said President Trump We love you. We have your back no matter what, but you have got to declassify. The millions of classified documents. Who was actually behind the JFK assassination. Who was actually behind the assassinations. Malcolm X. Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby Kennedy President Trump. You have got to declassify these documents so that the American people can know the truth. Win. And if and when President Trump does this, I guarantee you he'll stay in office because these death was both on the lap and write the right and the left. They served their slave masters in the deep state. Including the rock child's okay. And so it President Trump declassifies those There's over 300 million classified documents. Listen to me. I'm not speaking French. There are over 300 million classified documents. But the C I A has including The National Security Agency in the FBI and the Pentagon off who was behind the assassinations. John F. Kennedy. Malcolm X. Martin Luther King Jr and Barbeque Unity. Because these Devils today who had rigged and scammed this election The offspring off those who took out those Patriots. JFK RFK Malcolm X. And documenting the King Jr. This is your whole set. Moderator of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio, a media group here in New York City, New York Bishop Larry Gators. The time is 5:52 P.m. here in New York City, the world's number one city, the Big Apple, New York City. So the bishop would be traveling to To the nation's capital tomorrow night. God willing Include my staff were flying down to D. C and we're going to be taken part. Off the biggest March rally in American history. Because we are not going to allow This devil this clone Joe Biden to, uh sin the presidency. Let me tell you the plan. One Barack Obama Brock Obama is behind this Barack Obama. Is nothing but a fraud. See ya lot of you. Radio talk show host. You're supposed to be conservatives. You're afraid to tell the truth. I'm not The ship. I am a contract killer. For my Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. I am a biblical in the political John Wick. My job is to cut the head off a deep state all politically and spiritually. To the American people in my conclusion. Both the Democratic Party. And the Republican Party's has failed You Let me say this again. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican G or P party. They have failed you. You worked hard. You played by the rules. And now you're not getting The blessings. Receiving the blessings and the fruits of your labor because you have a compromise government. That is so entrenched in the deep state. I really believe that President Trump When he talked about draining the swamp. I don't believe that President Trump Knew the depth of the swamp in Washington, D. C. Mitch McConnell is a trader Mitt Romney is a traitor. Congressman credential out of Texas. One eyed bandit. He's a traitor. These are traders. Against the American people against the first constitution of 17 76 against the original Declaration of independence and against the original Biller rights. They want to take your guns in mind. Why? Because they want you or not to be a 2nd and 3rd World country, but it's not going to work. Do you see what's going on in England? There is a 234 tier system that Boris Johnson, who is also a seller, who was supposed to be a British conservative. Boys, Johnson had put Into mall..

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