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So really, I mean, when you're getting ready for Thursday night, the defense is not going to get to Mac Jones by what we've seen. They're terrible on third down. And if the Patriots get in the red zone after what 5 for 6 day on Sunday, they have a great chance of putting 7 or at least 6 on the board. Maybe we don't want to take folk for granted, but he's been so good. And then, you know, offensively, it's Kyle Pitts or bust. I mean, they've got to hope that Matt Ryan plays out of his mind in pitch is great and Greg, I don't know about you. We've learned this about Belichick and he still does it to this day. Usually when you have one guy, especially if you're one dimensional, he will find a way to take that dude out of the game. So I've got to imagine that when Belichick is in the film room and he's talking to these guys and meetings, defensively, it's Kyle Pitts, Kyle Pitts, and then some more Kyle Pitts. Yeah, I agree. And I think your assessment from what I know about the falcons is right on. They don't block very well up front. It's too bad. I like Mike Davis as a running back. I like the way he runs. Yeah, Patterson, being out, he's probably not going to be able to play in this game is a huge blow for them because they at least gives them other options. And they use them in different ways, sort of like the Patriots did. You know, some time ago. And defensively, you know, they don't, they just don't have much. They're in like a total rebuild. I do like the kid and he was on my list for ask for the moon at the trade deadline. AJ Terrell, one of the cornerbacks on the falcons. Stud first rounder, he's going to get paid in the off season. I think he's in a contract year. Complete stud and a guy that if I was a patriots and I had any pocket change, I would look at adding in the off season depending on what happens with JC Jackson. But yeah, I mean, the Patriots should take care of business in this game. Like you said, everything is right up their alley in this game. And they should, they should roll on. And then it gets into the teeth of the schedule. And we're headed for some fun. We are. Let's get to the Boston sports channel dot com member question of the day, 39.99 on their annual plan..

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