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So cnn anchor. Don lemon said on monday. That maxine waters wasn't calling for violence in calling on demonstrators to get confrontational. If derek chauvin is acquitted. He's he said that you know it wasn't constructive but it's i mean it's look quote. Everyone with half a brain knows that maxine waters was not calling for violence. Everyone knows that. Really because i i have i have half a brain in fact i have the whole brain. I it was weird. Is i knew when republican said we're targeting a district and they were talking about You know Spending money in a district to flip a seat. I think everybody with half a brain understood that But you didn't so. Does that mean you have a quarter of a brain because this one was directly associated with violence. She is talking about going into the streets and get more confrontational and in a city. Where there already burning the city down to the ground. That doesn't seem like maybe with only a quarter of a brain Don lemon can't figure those things out by the way I know that anybody with half a brain knows that all of these police things you know that that's not giving people encouragement to go out and shoot people And so but so far. We don't know what the causes in new york city. The sharp rise in shootings continues to increase the numbers of shooting. Incidents and victims rose two hundred and fifty percent compared to the same period last year so only at two hundred and fifty percent increase at this time last year. Which is still what. I if i'm not mistaken. Weren't the riots going on at this time last year the of the riots. Pretty much That's happening in new york city. But anyone with half a brain knows that has nothing to do with the With the riots. By the way Did you see the the medics medical examiner ruling now from brian. sick nick. yeah. I did the police officer who passed away after the the capital riots after the capital rights in fact apparently according to the According to the medical examiner he died two days after. What is it says here he. There's no evidence that he suffered any internal or external injuries. No evidence that he had allergic reaction to any of the chemical irritants that we're dispersed The cause of death looks like he had a stroke and that was well after The the events so. I'm sure that don lemon is going to be apologizing for everything he said. Yeah they said something about how the all the stress at the capitol may have contributed to it. Okay about it okay. All right all the stress in the capital might have contributed to it. You might be in the wrong job if you're protecting the clouds in washington if you are worried about stress the glenn beck program american financing. Nmls one eight two three three four www dot So you don't have people who say i was right time right place. 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You are clear they do not want to anywhere here jerry. Actually one side really did once. I was like yeah. This guy seems pretty. Good the other ones. Like i went through the jury selection for a jury. Ana attempted murder and The the Prosecution knew exactly who i was but the defense had no idea. And when the when the defense said i'm okay with this With this juror the judge kind of looked at me looked at the prosecution and then looked at the other guy went. Okay and so. I mean good luck But you know we really tried to be fair and it was. I think it was an attempted murder charge And it was really frustrating. Because we couldn't we couldn't get the background of this guy.

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