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Big brothers, yet fanatic or hazard. I know I just wanted to live just want some there because they're having splashes of strategy. Like Tom figuring out that he needed to get rid of Joey and then having to make a deal with candy and try to keep her bare of that was like strategy that was lost amongst all of his Harrap. That's been happening in the house that nobody really cares about you know, we all like extra. But when it's extra all the time been it's like listening to me ran for an hour. Like eventually, you just going to tune it out. It doesn't sound very good and enemy some of them. They're acknowledging on the feeds, you know, Lolo in particular has talked a lot about why doesn't this feel fun? We watched big brother celebrity the first one in it seemed fun and lighthearted and everyone was happy. And it's just so nasty in here. I don't think she can realize that it's her who's causing a lot of that nastiness. But I mean, you kind of can't blame the show for editing out some of that stuff when they're trying to present big brother celebrity as a fun thing that other celebrities might sorry. The other celebrities might wanna do in the future as well. All so, you know, they're giving the best that they can while still trying to make it seem fun question really quick from TJ. He said did they tone down evil, dick or Paul or Josh Nell? But the Honey that's different show. That's regular big brother. This is celebrity big brother. I have no problem with diarrhea going to the celebrities independently of each other and saying, hey, can I just wanna watch it? It's getting a little bit like temperatures getting a little hot, and they'll take their show showbiz death, and you know, conflict in itself is not necessarily a problem. But you know, it's not just it's not just conflict is conflict. And we have a lot of accusations of flying around, and you know, accusations that are very damning towards people's character outside of the house, which is a little different than you know, evil. Dick is going to dump his ice tea out on giant, or you know, things that are fights, but not necessarily. You know fights and also condemning a person at the same time. I think the worst example of that was probably Tom where he was accused of being threatening and chauvinistic. And I for the life of me, I was likely Ana early stay where I was like did I miss something? There's an episode of the show that I miss. There was really nothing. It was basically would say look in the veto ceremony to just see that. Did you see? How red meantime looked at her during the veto ceremony? Rob. I mean, that's we're all going stupid stupid circumstantial stuff that just like you could literally paint a portrait and get whatever you want from that. I mean, it's just it's made up lunacy at this point. Okay. Let's bring in some of the questions from our wonderful audience, and we'll start with Sharon who wants to know. Do you think that Joey asked to be voted out today? Mary that a possibility. I don't think so I mean, there's a potential that toward the end once the writing on the raw while he could have said that to make himself feel better. But I think most likely would happen is the can't Dina and tame are deciding to go with Tom Cato, and then probably the other. Three Ricky, lo lo and Natalie Burri not wanting to give Tom the ability to to make that final vote. And so just jumping on ordinance said, rob I felt like we got a little bit too much from Joey during his speech of you know, I may lose the game..

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