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Dot Co look on any single hundred markets drake is basically the marketplace averaged really dig deep properties on how easy robison law NEQEB content Now Stevens Regulations About where property rebellious Rentals or powdered. As of yet I was thinking about Gig in your There yeah thank you so much for listening. We love your support and WanNa provide the best. We can to all our listeners. So please find US online social media and on spotify apple podcasts and Google podcast. Hey everybody if you're enjoying the podcast I have created a slick talkers community group where anybody and everybody in hospitality can join on facebook and also soon be on the website and where this is where I'm going to create exclusive content for anybody like I said in the industry that follows a show that follows along with what I'm putting out and of course with the whole corona virus and quarantine and lockdowns going on in the world What better time to to do? So then you know the now so go ahead and check out the link and this episode where. I'll have the talkers community link and you can join and we can see some exclusive content and like I mentioned in this episode The walk through with Scott who you just heard With you know the market minder tool so if you want how to use it properly and efficiently than come check us out on these slick talkers community page..

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