Governor Cuomo, Ripple Effect, Pepsi discussed on Labor Press' Blue Collar Buzz


Horror stories about what was going to happen and so story has never become reality and yet we take it over and over again ah in a psalm every time we say some think about um um it's safer conditions fairer wages people will say that will drive for saga no side also say it's the only way of business can operate is by exploiting people than maybe for business should not operate well you know that that's pretty valid argument my in my you is anyway uh but i mean so what do we think the uh what we i and i know none of us have a crystal ball here but we think the possibility is that we're going to be able to bring this to fruition i'm very optimistic on very optimistic i don't believe that governor cuomo would have proposed looking good took us unless he plans to take action about it um and i think that block governor cuomo has started here is going to have a ripple impact throughout the country and you know i would hope all should be paid people should be paid what take deserve and not have to depend on tips to see whether or not they're going to make that i i know that i yeah and and i i certainly agree with you that you know when you say that it it it's a ripple effect across the country i wonder w especially when i in light of when i look at the most recent nlrb uh rulings which are so antiworker in in terms of uh uh you know not being able to uh not being having a company whose a third party not having to take any responsibility for the worker rainier employ an i i just see as you see a shift on a national level that more antiworker than proworker and yet we take improvement in different areas for improved looks from scheduling for workers on where it was more paid family believe uh were pepsi paid sick time uh i believe we of certain things are going to keep moving forward i remain optimistic about what it is way too.

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