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You you know talking in on a bunch of different interviews today and you said burn it down you said burn it down it's time so that makes me thank you one and said you want to save this country if this country doesn't give us what we want Jane we will burn down the system and replace it all right and I give me speak in cities are very figuratively speaking literally as a matter of interpretation yeah you like that little cute disclaimer at the end I could be speaking figuratively blah blah blah just let me repeat the important part of what Mr Newsome said and I'm quoting if this country doesn't give us what we want then we will burn down the system again Hank Newsome president of the greater New York black lives matter chapter so here you have the leader of the largest chapter in the country advocating for burning the system down and like I said you risk the fury of the mob if you dare to criticize him and by the way this guy Mr Newsome he's the same person who said in two thousand and fifteen quote we are prepared to stop these what he refers to as police shootings we are prepared to stop the shootings by any means necessary and I think we all know at least those that study history we all know what that means if there's not a lot of ambiguity in Mr Newsome statement are there up I'm not seeing any black lives matter really about saving black lives I mean if they were wouldn't they be more concerned about the seventy five hundred black on black murders in two thousand and nineteen compared to the nine count em nine questionable use of force killings of blacks by police and I'm not very good at math but I think that comes down to about ninety nine point nine percent versus point zero one percent but I guess those seventy five hundred their lives don't matter make no mistake about it people black lives matter is more about a radical political agenda than saving black lives if I'm allowed to say that fighting racism is secondary to their primary mission which is tearing down the United States of America another example Patrice Cullors a black lives matter founder told CNN's Jake tapper this week that her main goal was not to help black people her main goal was to get Donald trump out of office here's what she said can you get that one please and I guess not well here's what you said hands down trump not only needs to not be an office in November but he should resign now we trump needs to be out of office he is not fit for office and so what we are going to push for is a move to get trump out while we're also going to continue to push and pressure vice president Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to print policing and criminalization that's going to be important but our goal is to get trump out our goal is to get trump out he didn't hear her say our goal is to help black people by the way ms callers is a proud admitted Marxist now not to be outdone black lives matter activist Shaun king said this week that the statues that depict Jesus Christ as a white man should be torn down because he says quote they are a form of white supremacy and always have been close quote of course they are and why haven't we all figured that out yet you know the nuns insane Antoninus I got to teach me that part so does this sound like the group that should be lionized and supported again tags in a blanket prime like bacon let's burn down our country by any means necessary does this sound to you like a group that should be part of our kids curriculum at school and I'm talking about grade school does this sound like a group it should be immune from criticism which pretty much they now are well you know what a lot of our major corporations seem to think so as of June tenth of this year this is the most recent I could find as of June tenth of this year black enterprise dot com reports that listen to this one point six billion dollars have been contributed to black lives matter by corporations one point six billion with a B. and again that's as of June tenth I'm sure it's much more than that now and you're just some of the contributions and again I making this up it's from black enterprise dot com the bank of America one billion dollars ninety one hundred million dollars Google twenty five million dollars Amazon ten million Facebook ten million Goldman Sachs ten million and that's just a taste of it so we can only assume that these corporations Walmart was another one like Walmart Nike and M. S. Amazon we can only assume that they're okay with advocating the murder of police officers they're okay with the group whose leaders advocate for the violent overthrow of the government of the United States of America again by any means necessary all these groups bank of America they're okay with the group that says it exists to advocate for the safety of black people when in fact the real goal at least in two thousand and twenty is to defeat the president of the United States and all these companies Google Facebook Walmart and the others I guess they're okay with the group that could care less about the thousands of young black men murdered by other young black men in the killing fields in Chicago and other cities all over the country people something is very wrong in this country isn't it something is very very wrong we are supporting and in some cases even lie in icing and financing groups of people who disrupt lawful city council meetings we had again this week tear down and burn the American flag appropriate private property like in Seattle for their own use people who advocate for the murder of police officers thank you bank of America support the violent overthrow of the United States of America it this is we're supporting now all of this while many in this country bash criticized and even in some cases advocate the funding the very people who protect us the cops something needs to change and change soon in this country those that want to destroy this country and everything it stands for they sensed an opportunity for the radical agenda to move forward and have no doubt about this people they are seizing the moment and unless you've been living in a cave the past couple months you see that there's a guy's a writer he's really good his name is rob excuse me rod Dreher he's a senior editor at the American conservative he put it past this week when he said this we are going to come out of this long hot miserable summer with the progressive ruling class with them having much more confidence in their own righteousness and also their own arrogance and they're going to be much more willing to clamp down on any dissent from their social justice gospel if you dare dissent from that we have to get ready for we really don't have any time.

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