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And I don't think it's going to happen. And there's eastern stick out of North Dakota state. I think eastern stick is a tough quick aggressive quarterback who is really comfortable in the pocket. Someone who can who knows how to new tight space as well. And still being a position throw the ball. He has really he's underrated as an athlete. I mean, his his twenty shuttle three cone drill. He could be a slot receiver with the kind of speed and quite or the kind of quickness and change direction skill that, he exhibited a six point six five three cone drill. I mean, that's like that's like elite slot receiver quickness and a four point zero five twenty shuttle anyone's four six forty. I mean, he literally is he's a six one two hundred twenty four pound athlete who runs with the quickness of a slot receiver, and he's physical, and he is someone. That can run the ball for you. But he has the aggressiveness to throw downfield. He makes really nice throws. He makes really strong decisions at times, he's a bad ler. And I think the issue with him as he's been inconsistent time. There's times that he misses throws at you're like, how did you not see that you know, that post breaking wide open? And why did you throw it over here to the opposite side, you know, some of those types of things that I think he can get better at they're just kinda decision making things that he can continue to work on because I see moments where he does process the field. Very well, it's not like he whenever he has an opportunity to process field that he messes it up. It's just that he has someplace where you're like that was really bad word choice in that speech. He made. But there are other things you said that were so eloquent that I'm just going to have to think that you really didn't think about that or prepare for that as well as you could have so eastern stick out of North Dakota state. That's a guy that you have I get at the end of draft. I think he's kind of guy that would endear himself to teammates and be the kind of guy that might be able to outplay his draft position. All right. Hey, we always appreciate you spending some time with us. You know, we've pretty much gone all the way through the the quarterback class. Hopefully, giants fans have have learned a few things. I mean, we know that we know that you're you're on the Brett Rippin bandwagon. And that you think Dave cattleman should have his head examined if he drafts Daniel Jones, but. What I hope to do. You know, let's do this again. Let's get you back on to talk wide receivers and tight ends. We're kind of going to skip the running back discussions since the giants have a guy who's not half bad is. All right. But but let's let's do that. Again, you know before we get to draft. They will get you back on to talk tight ends and wide receivers in before. I let you go one or two just tell folks. So where they can find your work, if they're not sure. And I know you're you're you're draft guide is available now. So make sure people know how to get it. Sure. I saying ours P publication you get a draft guide that's devoted to quarterback running back. Why receiver tied him, and it's a thousand pages on a pedia probably about four hundred fifty of 'em..

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