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Or on the express jobs, app. You're hearing the Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60 wjr. It is a 7 18 about 30 degrees not going to get much warmer. It is January in Michigan. Uh, we have guests were a lot of good guests on this program. Guest experts and many of them are so rock solid. We can always depend on them for The information that we're looking for a straight shooter. That certainly sums up the U. S attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. Matthew Schneider and attorney Matthew Snyder. Which always a pleasure having you on board even when it's to talk about that. Such good stuff like this one. Good morning to you, sir. Good morning, Paul W. It's always better to talk about good topic. But then again today we have to talk about a bad topic. Yes, we do, and that's unfortunate, but it is what it is. And in in this case, your involvement. In the investigation. The probing of whether in this case our Michigan residents engaged in some of the violence in Washington, D. C. What can you tell us up to the minute up to this Friday morning? Well, first and foremost, What's important to know is the public needs to know that we're looking for their assistance. So if you know of people who from came from Michigan to cross the state line to commit acts of violence, we're asking people to call the FBI at 1 800 call FBI. We'll go to tips that FBI dot doves and I'm not talking about peaceful protesters, people who went there to exercise their first Amendment runs. I'm talking off folks who engaged in acts of violence and we're currently working with our partners in the FBI, looking at the situation and identifying folks from across the country and it's a work in progress. You make a good point, Matthew. And that is there are a lot of people who went there with the best of intentions and are as appalled as the rest of us when they saw all of the video footage. The photographs of the people who went there with all of the worst intentions and it's good to realize that we're looking at at least Two different factions there. Some that went with this in mind and others who fell into it, and then the others who didn't participate in any of the violence or any of the bad thing. A lot of people in your own words travel to Washington, D. C to express their First Amendment rights. Versus those people who, as you put it in the legalese you had to use crossed state lines to engage in violence. And if somebody knows about someone who has done that Then, in fact, they need to call 1 800 Call FBI 1 800 Call FBI and they can remain anonymous. They can submit a tip online that tips that FBI dad Gove as well. Because you're looking for information information that I last heard that you had was that we were looking at, I guess about six people. At least six people from Michigan who were among those arrested in and around The U. S Capitol building. That's correct. There have been people arrested in D. C and it appears to us that those are crimes that were committed in D. C. But we're looking at something entirely different, and that's whether or not crimes were committed, but they were connected to Michigan. So that means that they're in case there was a conspiracy to commit an act of violence. Let's say a plot was hatched in Michigan for folks were deciding. Let's go out to D C and bust into the capital and that crossed the state lines. I mean, I'm working with my colleagues across the country to try to identify That as well. But to your point, there is a big difference between peaceful protests and protests with violence, and we saw that this summer. Lots of people came to the Detroit area and they engaged in peaceful protests. And that was just fine. But when we saw people go to Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles and torch police cars and light the federal courthouse on fire and assault federal officers, then you crossed the line. That's something entirely different. We're seeing in Washington, D C people, assaulting federal officials, police officers and causing great damage and that is the type of thing that is completely unacceptable it I found it personally disgusting to watch that footage and there's lots more footage to come. I mean, the U. S. Capitol has plenty of cameras. The FBI and the Capitol. Police will be taking their time to review all of that footage. Both they're all the traffic until justice is done in this case. It's and it's not pretty for the Capitol police we've already had resignations and people who would have been fired otherwise. But to hear this morning is at least for me. Catching up from Detroit news story from Late last night. That. In fact, two days before the pro President Donald Trump insurgents at the Capitol, the Pentagon actually asked the U. S Capitol police if they needed National Guard manpower. The FBI asked if they could help when things started looking bad, and both were turned down and e don't know how anyone's going to figure out that made any sense whatsoever. Even from the earliest footage when we didn't see any violence, we just saw ah lot of American flags and trump flags and we said all right, well, they're being very mindful and respectful. It's it's what was going on inside with a different group of people that Led to all of this mayhem, but And it's from your standpoint as a U. S attorney. You have to look at some of this, And as you said, you watched it in discussed, We all did. We went from the gambit. We ran the gamut of emotions from first disbelief to disgust to fear. Two. Anger to sadness. On the other hand, it ended up when the vice president stood tall and said, Let's get back to work. We understood That democracy, one democracy prevailed. And in America, we are better than this. We might have forgotten it for a little while, but we know it now. We are better than that. Paul W That's exactly right. And I think my prediction is that what you will see, just like after the September 11th attacks there was there was a 9 11 connection. After President Kennedy was assassinated, there was the Warren Commission and there was a thorough review of what happened and what went wrong. And that's exactly what needs to take place here in Washington, D C. With the capital. There needs to be a review of what did they know? And when did they know it and what actions were taken by the Capitol police and other folks to make sure that the building was secure because clearly that perimeter was breached and lives have been lost because of it. So I hope that our friends in Congress and elsewhere will be taking a close look so that this doesn't happen again. I mean, Inauguration day is not far away, and we need to make sure that that day on January 20th is also states. I'm certain that they'll be planning for that. But it's triple planning now. Well, and I hope they spend a lot more time on that than trying to impeach a president who's leaving anyway. Or do the 25th amendment or anything else. There's a lot more to be concerned about right now, rather than just being able to score your victory that you've been trying to score since this man became president, and that's aimed at Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and whole bunch of other Democrats. There's so much more to be concerned about. I need to ask a quick question for an update. Matthew Snyder, U. S attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. It was October, FBI investigators forded a plot to violently overthrow the Michigan government as well as kidnapped our our governor, Gretchen Whitmer. In all 14 people have been arrested, charged in state and federal courts. Where is that? That is in the process of going through the normal court system, just like any other case, And right now, some of those defendants wish to be let out on bond and the Justice Department's position is no. You're a flight risk. You're a danger to the community, and you didn't need to be held and detained without bond pending your trial. And so the defendants have been arraigned. They will go into the normal course of the trial, and then it's up to them. They have a constitutional right to have a jury trial..

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