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He's not in there and that's money. He's not getting back again. He is not holding out for another contract this year. We'll have much more in this as we go including Stephen Smith thoughts in the next hour sportscenter tonight. Six o'clock eastern on ESPN after PTI. Bell. Look at the many questions surrounding the Super Bowl, champs who take the field tonight against Atlanta. Is it all nothing for Serena at the US open and highlights Tigers first round of the BMW sportscenter six eastern on ESPN and the ESPN app coming up here. We do not have to wait much longer for Sunday. The matchup Bodell and Jalen Ramsey the talk has begun. How will it affect them on the field? That's next. Welcome back to get up presented by Genesis. And the cousins facing off cubs of one, nothing in the fourth with hobby. Vyas on first Dooley's chess scene was worried about biases speeds rolling over. He's not even gonna move, right. So then the next pitch does it again and bias still hasn't moved. So they're kind of toy with each other here spitting the seeds, whatever. Now Vyas takes the lead. Anthony Rizzo finds a single this dinner Lorenzo Cain tries to throw out by third air bells, the throw. So the ball bounces off the dugout Byas able to outrun the bolts or and Rizzo gets third on another bad throat shot scenes. Worst fears, everything he was worried about it all comes true and biases speed ends up coming into play. The cubs would go onto win at six to four. And so the brewers missed a chance to cut the deficit in the central, the two games in three in the loss column. But the teams still have one three game set left in Chicago. Starts on Monday s for the cardinals, their last six games of the season or against the brewers in the cuts. So stay tuned..

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