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It's 9 41 in about 20 minutes President Biden is expected to sit down for a video conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin It's coming amid fears that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is coming joining us live to talk about it is national security correspondent JJ green on Skype So JJ is Putin's mind made up here or can this conversation influence or deter his plans for Ukraine Nick I have no idea what's in Vladimir Putin's mind but I can tell you what we can expect during this call And that is that President Biden is going to talk very tough about potential invasion of Ukraine cyberattacks and other elements of Russia's bad behavior They're all going to be laid out and discussed The president's going to tell Putin if you do it it's going to be the worst mistake of your political career And Putin is most likely going to do what he always does deny he's doing anything wrong It doesn't seem like President Biden has a lot of options though What's he going to use as a threat Well I can't say for sure beyond the fact that they're going to talk about sanctions He's going to tell him that the Nord stream two gas pipeline that Russia wants is not going to go through They're going to be some delays on that And there's possibly going to be some buildup of U.S. Military around the region and not U.S. Military but military from allied forces around the region And there are going to be sanctions And I've been told that they're possibly could be sanctions on the swift banking system that Russia and everybody in the world uses that would essentially eliminate their ability to use it So those are some of the some of the arrows in the quiver some of the possible tools that could be used And what will you be watching after the call happens The video call is about to happen at about 15 minutes or so after it happens What will you be looking at as an indicator of how that call may have gone Nothing really because it won't be anything to look at We won't know until they tell us So how will this affect greater Europe If Ukraine falls Europe's done not literally but the idea of security and freedom will be a thing of the past That is according to numerous experts including Kurt Volker who's the former U.S. special representative for the negotiations with Ukraine from 2017 to 2019 then if Ukraine falls then after that's going to be Moldova Georgia then possibly the Balkans left the Lithuania Estonia would be greatly concerned as well After this particular call after whatever happens vitamin Putin and Russia decides to do Europe is going to be on pens and needles for a while because even if he doesn't do this invasion it's not lucky that he's just going to pack up all these troops and move them tomorrow All right that call is set for about 1617 minutes from now We'll be following it through the day today WTF's national security correspondent JJ green It's 9 44 Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities Chris ahern the vice president of federal at smartsheet says two key capabilities underly collaborative work management platforms or CWM The first tenant is usability You need to have a capability that's out there that folks can learn in a matter of hours or days as opposed to months That's a big tenant And then the other part is cloud So if you think about it hey I'm working on excel I'm working on a Google Doc I'm working on something that only I can see Then I have to save it Then I have to email it to you And then I have to report on it And all those sorts of things well I'm jumping from tool to tool and place to place I mean the average person switches screens 1100 times a day So it's not necessarily the best way to work And CWM is a platform where you can do all that stuff in one place Let smartsheet Cara soft in their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of Learn more at Keras off dot com slash innovation The WTO P app is your one touch for news traffic 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