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Of the top teams but let's talk about some struggling teams. The houston texans seems like just just last season. They were winning playoff games against the bills. And going up against the chiefs and leading and now they only have one win. And jj watt. They're both leaders. Said he's not looking to rebuild. He's looking to go after a championship. Jalen what do you think about. jj's sentiments about his. It was all good just a week ago. And this is one of those things about being the player. You can say now that i'm looking for championships. But as an organization when we look at your productivity the first few years and then the latter few years based on the amount of money that we pay you in comparison other great defensive lineman like both in san francisco whose defense helped lead them to the super bowl basically last year or aaron. Donald who gives double team virtually on every play. Jj watt productivity earlier in his career versus what he's getting now is just tailed off and he's supposed to be the version of watson for the defense but that productivity has not been what it was to start his career. You take a look at the numbers. Jalen jj watt. Just isn't the same productive player that used to be. When you look at these numbers. What does that tell you tells me that. God is dealt with injury. And it's not elite at the position currently and that's what that squat was gonna need and bought away bill. O'brien man. He missed this roster up. Shouldn't they have clowney on the team to go with him. Like they had young players. They had the honey badger theron out the on not let him go. He went to casey won. A super wall became one of the leaders of their defense. So the decision. Making a law with watts productivity. Not being what it used to be one of the reasons why the houston texas. We'll be giving up their high picks this year to another squad like the miami dolphins. Well there is some good.

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