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Don't happen. So it's it's it's basically an understanding it's not written down anywhere. But the understanding amongst the representatives, and the senators is you should not have any sort of sexual contact with an intern right in, and as you know, we've been very busy in the last couple of years of of working on these interpersonal, these these what what to do what not to do with your legislative assistant, and and and how to comport yourself, and that's the sort of behavior that you expect from your irreparable or your or or anyone in government in anybody in corporate Indiana today, and we all know about hashtag metoo. But but this in the Senate we, and I'm sure in the house, we've been trying we've been we've had the rule if you will if it's unspoken down in down in writing that we comport ourselves in a business matter with all employees. Including interns, Ninety-three WABC, rob, kindle, the rob kindle show. Our guest he is the chairman of the Marion county GOP also chairman of the Republican caucus in the Indiana Senate, the Senator Jim Merritt talking about the allegations against Brian Bosma, you stayed out of the Curtis hill. Fray you said that let let let let the investigation take. Its course Jon Zohdi, the big boss of the Democrats has called for the governor to launch a similar investigation against Brian Bosma as he get Curtis hill with the inspector general is that appropriate. Well, I I haven't seen zodiac comments. And I haven't seen if the governor has responded. We live in a bubble, and we have to be transparent. And so remember this alleged situation happened allegedly happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and so was eight eight years in the legislature. And so I think we need to be very careful here. And that's how that's how I'm going to remain careful. All right, Senator real quick before we let you go. I know you're in a reelection campaign. Early voting started yesterday focused on that. But there's a lot of people who want you to run for the mayor of Indianapolis, are you prepared to make that announcement? Because a lot of people are saying go, Jim. Robert it. I want to serve my city in the Senate. And we'll start making decision on on two thousand nineteen on what bills are one hundred thirty thousand people in district thirty one want me to introduce and and how I can make Indianapolis grow. And and have a smile again. I was down to walk around the circles every day, and this panhandling problem it is completely out of control. They're disrupting life. They're disrupting society, if you do decide to run for mayor Mindy, Annapolis, which again, I'm cheering for a lot of people are cheering for is that something you're going to make a huge priority on how you address the panhandling problem. Well, you know, a lot of times I'm glad yes. The question a lot of times, I n PD is trying to do a really good job. But in in a large percentage of situations. I am is a person or a female or male. There's a social worker with a gun. And I do believe that that Indianapolis needs a social worker workforce and something to work with IM PD. And and we need we need beef behind these these press conferences that say that we have four hundred addresses for people to go to with without the addresses without lists in. So yes, I think this is something that I'll work a great deal on you. Obviously people have said, well, you can get people streets where you're going to put them where are you going to Regan warehouse them? And that's a question that needs to be answered in in something that I feel very very. Very passionate about we know about Wheeler mission we their missions going to have a female facility as well. We we have to find new ways to help that individual who might be suffering from addiction that is homeless who might be sitting on the circle along with the person who. I'm walking along the other day. And and there's an individual who is has a crock pot and he's boiling potatoes. And I smell soup and I'm walking along Washington. So these are situations that, you know, potato soup, smells, great, but it doesn't belong on Washington street in. So we need to figure out some some solutions that can can help people. But also demonstrate that that we are we're we're friendly city. But also that that individuals are sitting outside restaurants fighting for position in somebody's trying to get into the restaurant to have lunch and we've got to protect our business owners, but we also have to pick protect the those that may need a helping hand. Indiana state Senator Jim Merritt, you're listening to ninety three WABC the rob. It's hard to be healthy. When you don't get breakfast. It's hard to recover from open heart surgery without heat. It's hard to get. Well, when you sleep on the street, it's.

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