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Need coconut rose up and delivered in delicious nectar. I mean awful year off terrible. You're both. Get nominated for nothing. All right. You know, who might the great James Jones, why partially because of this very fine conversation. We had just the other day about the wild card games. Take a listen or PROST, and we had last time, and I'm k- wait to see it. But I'm taking the charter. All right. And lastly, the world champions are at the bears who else should I possibly say here your game MVP, Nick foles. I dare you to say Nick foles gonna go into Chicago and win this game. You know? This is tough because the Philadelphia Eagles remind me of the two thousand ten world champions that beat the Pittsburgh still. I don't know what team that was because I know a sensitive to you, you know, and I don't know who went in there and beat the Steelers, but that's who thousand ten team caught fire at the right time, and we had to go on the road for every single game. And when we got off the plane, we said, we feel bad. They gotta play us. We just we was we was dad slagged we feel bad. They were yard mendenhall. Fumbled on the first the fourth quarter out the Renault. We're like we are gonna kill everybody. You could just see people getting off the bus with the swag. And you you just knew there's no way we're losing this game. That's how Feeley is thinking. It's weird. I I don't think we're making. I know for all the stuff every time. He's on your TV polls looking back, but it's still not enough in my book. This is weird. What's happening if he wins just one game? I don't know what like Pibor talking like he has to go in the hall of fame. That's a little silly. But. But he has some crazy records as the most touchdown passes one game. He is the most completions in a row in one game. He he ran the table with the 2017 eagles..

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