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Game if he's injured so it's looking like they're not going to have any competition again but the secondary's looking solid. The run evens is looking really really good. I i like what i see there. We need to see more More of a rushing offense of the running backs especially trae lance is going to get the start like you need a running back to lean on. So i need to see troy Trae sermon in this game against the raiders. And i need to see him. Go off like off. I want him to go crazy. That would make me feel better about this running game because j michael hasty is not it i i did not like him. You said you you were okay with his performance okay. So let's do that. Let's take a break quickly and when we come back we'll get into what we want to see from the final preseason game and we still have to do our nuke blocks so we got two things to do before we go back here on the gold diggers podcast before we went to break michelle. You said you wanna see more out of the forty niners running game. You specifically called my guide. Michael hasty and i kinda liked you. Michael hasty the thing i like about him is if the play breaks down. If it's not blocks totally great. I feel like he can make a guy miss and still get something out of the run whereas wing goldman is fine but he doesn't bring that that ability. Oh yeah wayne gaughman. He's going get stuffed in the back unless he has a whole and he started getting those bigger holes as the game went on probably because he was going against competition as defenders left the game so the beginning i was like oh my goodness gaughman looked so bad and then as it went on he ended up doing okay to get his average up. Four point eight yards per carry like he looked okay but he only was good when he had the whole. Michael hazy is better at getting those tough yards but nineteen carries for fifty eight yards. Like he just didn't he he can maybe make the first guy miss what he's not breaking too. Many other tackles in that he he looks like a backup to me Not a guy that should be a starter whatsoever A fine backup but you need where he mustered to be. Healthy apparently already dealing with back pain which took himself out dude kenya. Just make it through a few weeks without any issues. It doesn't seem like it. I know he already came back to practice but back pain. What does that even mean like. How did you just overcome it like that fast. As they're gonna come back of course. It is because back injury that's what they do right like. No one has a back injury and then totally recovers and they're good like once you have a back. It's not getting any better. I don't really get the back. Pain thing trae sermon dealt with the ankle injury right. He's back in practice. Let's need to see him. Play against the raiders. Because in week one against the chiefs it did not look pretty and he's been my dude ivan saying he's good. He made me look like an idiot in week once. I need them to come out in week. Three against the raiders. Terrible defense Probably against many backups. As well and i need him just dominate and i think he could win this job after what i saw last week. Like hasty and gov should not be a starter. Most are we know can't stay healthy. Elijah mitchell's dealing with a hip injury. So sermon could take control of this backfield if he comes out and dominates this week. I'm one interesting thing i saw was mike mcdaniel the offensive coordinator. Yesterday actually said well trae sermon. That they've actually been really encouraged this week with what they've seen from him in basically he said this week specifically been very encouraged with a coaching points. That we've been given You know it's an adjustment for running back any ball carrier in the nfl. Speed is just so different and and the holes are different. And you can't stop and start as much and this week specifically it's been. I think it's teammates have really noticed. It's been he's been very deliberate and forceful and it's been very encouraging this week. So that's nice to hear. I agree with you. Hopefully he comes out in a raider game and kills it honestly. I think he was drafted to be the starter. I think the forty niners new most starts not gonna be on the team next year because his contract is up and like you said. He can't stay healthy their plan. I think is Take the number one job so he needs to show that he can do that. I just actually drafted him in my my family draft we just had it I read my first redraft draft this past week and i took trae sermon late. I believe in him. And i hope he wins. This backfield and i really do think you'd be a huge help to the forty niners to get those tough yards to keep the keep the drive alive and keep the ball moving down the field but he asked to show more than what he showed him. Freeze make one because that was not pretty. He was getting taken down far too easily. And my my my opinion. And i know that you know supposedly kyle. Shanahan is famous for shuffling running backs in and out. But i think he's sort of done that out of necessity because where he most is always hurt and he's always had to you know kind of divvy up to carries between a bunch of guys. Don't forget he let alfred. Morris lead the league in rushing in two thousand twelve with washington. He had over three hundred and thirty carries over sixteen hundred yards so like i don't think he always wants to be rotating guys i think if he could choose he would pick to have sermon as the belco and just give him the rock over and over and over again so at like from a fantasy perspective like you were saying i think if he shows he can do it. He's gonna be the bell cow the more consistent running back for kyle. As long as he can one stay healthy and to hit those holes. Yep it did they announce how like how much trae lance will be playing in the third game. So i think that what they said were kyle was kinda noncommittal. What he said was basically. He's gonna play some of the guys that haven't gone a lot of time. Like fred warner and george kill. He didn't say how much I'm thinking maybe like a quarter. But i honestly don't know for sure how much is gonna play. I really would just like to see what happens.

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