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News ninety six five WDBO. Top Democrats in Virginia admits wearing black face in the eighties. A third elected leader accused of forcing himself on a woman in two thousand four you guys have been weighing in all day long. There's no rhyme or reason to how I choose these. I edit them for length and try to incorporate as many different opinions as I can hear some of what we got from our listeners. Honestly, I think this whole black face thing is just you're dressing up in a KKK outfit for Halloween that defensive. But if you're dressing up in a black face to be a Michael Jackson. There's nothing wrong with that. It's happening to the party. That accuses everybody else of racism. We have other things to worry about every single one of us has a skeleton in our closet does makeup have that much power stop being so damn sensitive. I'm Gene Wexler, send your take using the open mic feature in the news ninety six point five WDBO app. It's a land police now say a skydiver failed to turn in stabilize herself before she hit the ground during a jump. Samantha Smith's, parachute, fully deployed what she jumped at sky. Dived a land yesterday around five thirty but police say Smith wasn't experienced skydiver failed to turn and stabilize herself. She's trying to two hundred seventy degree turn before she had a gravel walkway. The twenty one year old to land native remains at Halifax hospital in critical but stable condition, so Tony, obviously, yo she's experienced some sure she knew to do in this situation. But that's pretty scary. I mean that could end it a whole lot worse. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. And you know, every time I think about taking the plunge then we get one of these stories, and I go probably not I was gonna say it was my next question. You send skydive before? No. Unfortunately, not. Yeah. I'm thinking about it for my thirtieth birthday. I think I wanna go because I've kind of had to do it. You know, I'm not gonna obviously try anything. Crazy. I'd be strapped to somebody. Who does right, right? What what do they call that the tandem jump? Yeah..

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