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Said I'm not going to because you were rolling your eyes at me in studio. We're like, oh, please don't go through all the salacious stuff. You were. I don't remember any of that. All I talked about was how the the main contractor was not talking to all the other subcontractors and things were happening. Like air conditioning was going in only to be realized it had to be ripped out again. That you were too cowardly to reference don't call me a coward. Here's what they said. This is from the whistle blower quote. I've not worked on a site. Like that in a long time. A source told construction news there were people off their heads drinking cans first thing in the morning before going onto site and snorting coke in the toilets. Oh, can you imagine turning up a guy with a power drill? Spur. To. Son's day. Mace is the construction firm in charge of the project. Find jobs responded to the story with a statement of their own. They said may strongly refutes the image of our project painted by these anonymous allegations said the company spokesman the health safety and wellbeing of everybody is and has always been a core. Value at Mace and any suggestion that are rigorous standards around best practice or drugs and alcohol had been broken would be taken extremely seriously. We carry out regular random drug and alcohol testing to ensure that our rules are enforced route our supply chain any concerns about specific health and safety risks should have been flagged to Mace health and safety staff on the project, so they don't necessarily deny it. No, they don't tonight. They do. It's like saying they say we refute the image of our project painted by these anonymous allegations, but they don't say they're not true. No, exactly. This is a dislike this is a disaster. So me being absolutely drunk will. Night, you go home to Amanda and say it, and then Amanda goes to me, I heard you were very drunk. Well, I don't like the image that Andrew has painted of me. Right. I mean, this to me like I was watching that clip of the model home construction. And when you actually watch the episode, you know, the the whole thing falls apart busters trying to injure himself on purpose. So he doesn't have to go into the army, and he's trying to have like walls of the house fall on him that that is the new White Hart Lane right now until I see this place up and running and functioning, I just like it's become just a joke to me, which is sad. Which really is sad. What do you got for your your last one? My last one is that MRs feather Botham is indeed Sam Allardyce. So a pair from the idea like thinking of big Sam as Tobias few dressed in drag. There is one key component that Tobias and big Sam share. And that is a kind of a delusion to bias is convinced. He is an actor. And he will be a great actor and big Sam is convinced. The only thing dividing him on the top top managers is the fact his name is added ice and not outer Dietschy. We've even you know, we've heard him a pint him Bush gets the etc. In any event. The next time a club needs has cleaning up a potential relegation Mace. Maybe MRs federal bottom might suddenly be back in business. Fantastic. Would you pay somebody to do this? Payment. Families that enough. I'm sorry. This is MRs feather butter stool on charmed. I'm sure..

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