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Okay, Chris, you're up. You have number two. I'm going to pick the movie that I had the most fun watching in 2018, and that was Mission Impossible fallout. Damn it. Good one. This is fucking fighting some bathrooms. This is just an amazing Mission Impossible movie. What an incredible shout out to the cinerama dome experience of just getting your wig pushed back by Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill fighting. This was the mcquarrie mission impossibles of kind of found like a new gear for these movies, but I thought even this by those standards was just like a cut above. And I think I saw it at least twice in the theaters. I may have seen it three times that year or once it finally came out on streaming or whatever, but God damn it. Mission Impossible fall. We've talked about it endlessly, but this is just an awesome, awesome blockbuster. So I'll go there. Amanda, do you remember how we started? Yeah, this was our birthday movie. Chris saw it with us. We saw it in the arc light. It was delightful. We got beers and everything, and then I had to go to the bathroom so badly, but I was like, no, I can't miss a minute of these two people fighting on a cliff with a helicopter. And then we've got sushi afterwards for dinner. It was awesome. The one thing I will say about these movies and especially fallout is if you read the synopsis, you're like, sir, excuse me. 18 different side plots about plutonium and then going to like a refugee camp and Kandahar or whatever and you forget when you're watching the movie because the stunts are so incredible and the set pieces are so incredible. But there's some absolute nonsense in these movies, but I love it still. One of the more underrated aspects of this movie is Sean Harris return as Solomon lane. Terrorizing Ethan hunt's dreams just wonderful movie. Okay, so I have two picks. I'm Kristen and select a category for that one. Blockbuster. Blockbuster. Okay..

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