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Here's 93.7 the fans, Eric Hagman. Thank you L is a practice day between games against the Red Wings for the penguins has they welcome back have Getty Balkany center fulfill and Brian Ross bulk it looks to return for that upper body injury that dot Caillebotte the last eight games he said he's hopeful of playing tomorrow night. Mike Salvin said he'll be a game time decision personal tank. Went through a full practice, but without contact, Brian doable and chat Zach acid raise. The other. Injured pens did not go on the ice with their teammates TSN hockey insider Darren told us the penguins are going to get into the playoffs. But after that what I wonder though, is if they do have that next level the experience of the Fairwood Kelsey, they do, but they're going to have to prove that there won't be any change in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Tonight. Everyone involved his idol Jason tile hardwood, clues her the pirates opener starts against the cardinals. As the team's wrap up their two game series at PNC park. Byles Michael is also in one will go for Saint Louis. I pitch seven oh five over on the fan. Eric Hagman NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K sports. I am a veteran. We hit a mine in Vietnam. But I came home. I didn't know where to turn as America's veterans face challenges. DAV is there I think he's never given up. Hope is always there to remind me we have a life to live DAV provides a lifetime of support helping veterans of every generation get the benefits they've earned. I am a veteran. But at that get out I spent two years along in homeless every year DAV helps more than a million veterans. So they can reach victories. Great and small. My victory was finding the support to get back on my feet. Now, I'm getting things right with my family. I finally admitted with my PTSD I wasn't doing well. But there's more to be done and more victories.

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