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Forty four recent accidents include north was twenty third western south US fifty nine to may road king total travail here it comes the rain the cold temperatures it's going to be a low of twenty two tonight and we're looking at a chance of anywhere from one to four inches of snow on Saturday well Oklahomans are a step closer to voting on whether to expand Medicaid the Oklahoman is reporting that secretary of state Michael Rogers has informed governor Kevin stead and the state election board that the Medicaid and issue the petition has met the requirements to appear on a statewide ballot as stay question eight oh two and the governor will now decide when the election will happen the governor opposes the petition with ice and snow in the forecast it will Rogers world airport they say there is a high probability of delays and possible cancellations tonight and Saturday mostly because of de icing procedures as the storm moves east word conditions at other airports will also have an impact American southwest and United Airlines are already waiving fees to change travel reservations the airport says you should check on your flight status before coming to the airport a still water man who pleaded no contest to trying to kill his girlfriend has been sentenced to thirty five years in prison thirty eight year old Robert Chipman was arrested in September of two thousand eighteen he told a coworker that he strangled his girlfriend and thought she was dead the co worker called police officers found the victim at shipments how she'd been beaten on the neck with a board a police.

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