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Twenty health officials today about retail and re open for in person the stories are coming up in the next fifteen minutes per person is eight fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives and here is Jennifer your sixties about approaching the fifteen within about about a mile of slowing I keep searching and searching no Caltrans because of our holiday yesterday we don't happen overnight California just got some point but I have a feeling about still be Caltrans because it hasn't changed for about a couple of hours over the six eastbound slow from Archbald heading over the fifteen let's go to Scott is flying in the southern California Toyota dealer sky one over the valley freeway north of the valley things are looking five right out south five if you're leaving you all had to go through so far but if your travels take you out of the four or five little bit slow here to contend with not a big deal now though us like at the top of the hill right about Skirball center drive it's a very flat or slight for Getty center down the sub sub but overall pretty good shape within the valley heading into west LA we do have some problems on the tenth February the freeway the champion what does but they're pretty dangerous or the sold out bus was spent out of the tent looks like is that a land if you want to stay out of the express lane to keep it to the main line that you should be okay that there have been a couple of vehicles that have a nearly hit that bus west of there okay and stay out of express lanes of the dead head towards downtown west of the seven ten looks like there's some sort of has apparently started see that section of the toll road a kind of jam up and the northbound side of the one ten just north of the Golden State we got a car that lost a tire the top the car made over the right shoulder the caller might still be in lanes north one ten north of the five order to port eight twenty five with more tropical force more often I'm Jennifer York and a Toyota condor a twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio and excessive heat warnings going into effect today they're going to be with us through Thursday and Friday evening for some meal highs this afternoon upper seventies along the coast upper eighties.

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