Senate, Senator, Executive discussed on The Art of Manliness - #346: The Fall of the Roman Republic


When at the end of the day if i just push harder or if i pull out like a sword aura a threaten you with the with the leg of a bench um maybe i can just get my way and then when i have power there won't be anything you can do to challenge me which unfortunately at the end of the day is true political power rests on force not modes of behaviour or norms or even written loss so up before you get into yet sort of the collapse here let's talk about the the the component parts of the republic because that think that's important understand us he mentioned there's the causal ship uh which was basically like the executive branch right correct yet and then there was a senate and i'm guessing that was uh yeah like what we have in there is the assembly um i'm curious with the senate in the assembly were there that who depending on who your social class did it did that determine what you ended up in fewer senator or and it just in assemblyman yeah um so that the you we have our today we have like our three branches of government there's the executive branch and the legislator branch and the judicial branch so the romans had young three branches of their constitution but they did a wasn't exactly that that same categorisation so you had to consoles and they were the executive those sort of monarchical branch the senate than represented an aristocratic element which is the the wealthiest families and most prominent noble families would be in the senate and then the assembly's were ostensibly at least a body were all roman citizens were were could constituent parts of the assembly like you could vote in the assembly.

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