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I just wondered recently heard Stephen ball and commenting on a question about working on usual suspects. He was talking about you and Spacey spending your time doing Johnny Carson persons. I just wanted what you're take on working on film was. Horribly little time ago. Oh, okay. That's what I was supposed to do some impressions. I asked this question Christopher Walken. Well, I'll tell you truth of the matter is a great joy to work on the film. I remember teaching Gabriel Byrne outta do Johnny Carson. It's true. I did and terms of Stephen Baldwin actually I wrote in my book. I remember when I first met Stephen Baldwin, he showed up to usual suspects wearing leather pants. I should preface had not arrived on a motorcycle or horse. He was just wearing leather pants. And I said, oh, Stephen your brothers stole your food at every meal. Didn't they? I also used Stephen as the litmus test when people say what was did. You know, usual suspects was going to be great. You know, it's lightning in a bottle. It really is the very definition. In fact, you needn't look any further than the fact that even Baltin his great in the movie as proof that it is interesting. That was lightning striking. I hear you Kevin. Congratulations marvelous, Mrs Maes. Thank you, such great success. And you're so good in it. I mean it's just it's a real pleasure to just went back to work on season three. I'm very excited report. While I can tell you nothing in detail. We just finished the first episode and the creators of the show have risen to the challenge. Can you big be bigger bolder and better in season? Three the first step Assode is extraordinary. Wow. We look forward to it and keep the faith with giant giant, baby. All right, all day, Kevin.

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