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Jeez is very scary stuff they also donate one percent of each employee's time to volunteer for local causes and then let's talk about the actual mattress itself because i feel like i it doesn't get enough of its due lisa creates these mattresses with a patented universal adaptive feel which means it adapts and is designed for all types of sleepers and they have three foam layers okay so if you're looking at the mattress we got ten inches of mattress here and there's three different layers all right we got a to intervene foam top layer cooling and breathe ability of course two inches of memory foam in the middle which just adapts to however you're weird body sits and lays on the mattress and then we have that six inch dense core suppo support foam for durham bility and structure it works for sleepers of all sizes so that's the mattress itself but lisa also is continuing to expand its offerings including the lisa pillow the lisa blanket the lisa foundation and lisa frame no wonder it's a forbes top twenty startup to watch trial leesa mattress in your own home for one hundred nights riskfree if you're in the us the uk candidate in germany you can get it online with free shipping this is it's a one hundred percent mattress it's okay first of all it's one hundred percent of a mattress but it's also a one hundred percent american made all right it's ships compressed in a box right to your door or if you want to try it out go try it out at the lisa dream gallery and so new york city and virginia beach and over eighty west elm stores nationwide for memorial day today get a hundred and sixty dollars off when you go to lisa dot com slash bang bang that is l e s a dot com slash bang bang for one hundred sixty dollars off that's for memorial day so get it while you can that's lisa dot com slash bang bang.

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