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Visit you could try it out Colin Kaepernick, all you walk from the vodka. She doesn't know who we govern against Nassar. Who is it announced her? Yes. That's exactly. Yes. Announcer. Yup. Yup. Yup. Let's go to the sidelines. Colin Kaepernick, I mean abbey. Are you kidding me? Do you not know who call him tiny again, he's the guy who took the need for the national anthem, and they banned from the NFL. Area. I knew he was on sports before your dub s. I love you though. I have available by the way. I mean, I'm telling you to bail the ghee, Abby. This guy has more block parties than anyone of the NBA. Wrecking. You f we got it doesn't matter. What anyone else's? We got you up advancing. Okay. US options, by the way. Tim tebow? Marco Rubio, Aaron Andrew Steve Spurrier, Emmett Smith, Laura Rutledge from Michigan Montana. The last game is bracket. Michigan. You have former president Gerald Ford. Tom Brady, James Earl Jones, Lucy Liu Sanjay Gupta. Arthur Miller Charles Woodson. I mean, here's the thing about Brady. He sucked at Michigan. And now, he's the all time. I mean, he's the best quarterback thing about it. Here's the funny thing. I think the people of Michigan or wondering where was this Tom Brady when it was an aunt Auber and they've only Montana Gye Simmons or mardi morning wake boarding morning abbey. Dido that is now in Michigan should know who that is. All right. So we have Michigan advancing. Let's go to the south. All right Virginia against Gardner Webb Virginia. Tina Fey Katy Kirk Edgar Allen POE, Robert Kennedy. So we got Virginia Abby Katie Couric as you like Katie Couric, Robert Kennedy, kind of more famous Tina Fey kind of more famous growl and Puncak taking car garage on the raven was it he wrote. Yeah. Really here's on that defense with Lewis at rid. They're gonna play Gardner Webb. And they're going to beat him the next game ole miss against Oklahoma ole miss Archie manning. Eli manning Michael oher, William Faulkner, Laura's the movie the blind side, Abby. That's like a is on the blindside. Sounds like. I'll take that as as a matter of Cuyler Murray. Baker Mayfield Adrian Peterson to lithium mon- Dari nowkhah who no good deed door Nokia is sportscenter anchor. They taught he's big tub. I call them Doreen Ohkawa like a camera Cuyler Murray is the guy just decided play football over baseball is you'll be the number one pick of the draft Baker Mayfield. You know, who that is? I think he think he's cute at a Livia months. She's pretty hot. So you could pick that manning and that team to win very go Wisconsin against Oregon, Wisconsin JJ watt. Joe Russell Wilson. Charles Lindbergh, Frank Lloyd Wright, bud Seelig Joan cusak, Charles Lindbergh that a school though, dropped out. I don't know he left early to go play the pros. All right, Oregon, Phil Knight, Dan, Fouts tie Barral. Neil Everett you'll ever to sportscenter anchor. I love them. Phil Knight runs Nike abbey. Did you know that Dan? Fouts was the quarterback of one of the great offenses of all time. The chargers air coryell who do you like your Nike? So we have Phil Knight taking. On Charles, Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh, dropped out and went to the pros early. So Abby who do you like here? I like Nike Kansas state against UC Irvine, Kansas state, Eric Stonestreet or Kirstie alley. Eric still treat, you know. Modern family, very funny. The elephant cheers. So we're gonna take Kirstie alley for Kansas state here. UCR vine, John Lovett's or Scotty Brooks. Gandhi. Once that Scott Brooks as an idiot, those aren't libraries there were his words. Scott Brooks's, a former Oklahoma City coach Kurt wizards coach, and Jon lovitz is a really old washed up bad comedian. We're gonna love it. We have Jon lovitz aweso love. It's versus kearse. The alley Abby who advances here case date. UC Irvine care St. Villanova against Saint Mary's Villanova Howie long. Toby Keith, Bradley Cooper, you should be pointing out Bradley Cooper transferred at Georgetown. He did. He he's not listen he can count if you want. But I probably wouldn't. He's not a true, wildcat, Abby doesn't matter. That's where he started for hot. All right. So Bradley Cooper. I would've went how lawn there. But okay..

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